Algerian Patient Shares Her Story Getting Effective Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) Cost in Delhi

Hi, my name is Houari Mouha, I am from Algeria, recently I was in India for my treatment and thanks to the affordable Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) Cost in Delhi, I was liberated from the ailment with great care and professionalism. I am back hale and hearty liberating from the dreaded ailment I had in my body seeking the TORS treatment in India. First of all, I need to thank my doctor for successfully carrying out the said surgery in India. Also, I am thankful to India Cancer Surgery Site, which managed my entire treatment in the country doing things right on time. Otherwise, it could have been difficult to manage in an alien country like India where I have visited the first time. It all started with a pain in my neck area and when I consulted the doctor back in my place, I came to know that there is a tumor in my neck, which has to be removed or else I would end up getting things bad.

Success Story Of Transoral Robotic Surgery In Delhi Of Algerian Patient

The local doctors suggested that I would require to travel abroad to get my treatment as things are not that encouraging in my country to get the treatment. Thanks to the poverty stricken and unstable political conditions in the country, which remained a big hurdle before me. I then asked them to recommend some alternative to the same when they said to try India for it. They informed me that I can get affordable Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) Cost in Delhi, which encouraged me to research about this group. I was in a bit of dismay and concern as for me managing things on my behalf was difficult. My doctors asked me to seek the help of India Cancer Surgery Site, which they have been in touch with and this made me struggle a lot to find out the most competent and known medical consultant that can help me in my pursuit.

In my research, I found out of a couple and with further research and comparative study, I ended up finding the best group that offered me the affordable Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) Cost in Delhi. I communicated with them to get the best solution in the form of a competent package getting things right. I was guided to the Indian capital called Delhi to come along with my wife for the surgery. We were picked by the rep of the India Cancer Surgery Site and it took some time to settle down before I was taken to the hospital. I was happy and felt confident after meeting the doctor and finally went on to get my latest medical reports on my current conditions. As the reports of all the tests turned normal, my surgery was then scheduled the very next day. As the day dawned, I was confident to face it.

My surgery carried out with affordable Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) Cost in Delhi with a big success. I was kept under observation for a day in the ICU and then when things appeared normal, I was shifted to general ward for my recovery. My doctor then suggested me a number of dos and dont’s that I had to carry out for few more weeks to get the best recovery and soon get back to normalcy with a brief rest. I am grateful to competent doctor who went out of the way and helped me to settle down things. I also thank my medical tourism company who helped me go out of the way and help to manage things as per my whims and fancies. I highly recommend the same both the doctor the and the medical tourism company.

Thanking You,

Houari Mouha

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