Political Vultures — The Omen of Indian Politics

Politics with Farmer’s Lives

Sale Sale! Brownie points are on sale, currently available at Mandsaur in MP and political vultures such as Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal have lined up to scrutinize the opportunity.

Playing victim for not being given permission to visit the area where five ‘farmers’ were killed, Rahul Gandhi has put a nail in his own coffin. His high time habit of being at the ‘right spot’ on the wrong time is a concern that people have now deciphered.

Why Rahul Gandhi was Detained?

Dadri lynching, Rohith Vemula, Una and now Mandsaur are a few precise examples of his opportunistic ‘concerns for the common people’. Why do I say so, you’ll know at the latter.

Yet, many seem to be confused on why wasn’t he allowed? Here’s the answer.

Section 144 was enacted in Mandsaur. In words of Mandsaur SP Manoj Kumar, “Rahul Gandhi is a very high dignitary, he broke down the law. So, in the anticipation of breach of peace, we have arrested him.” Not only that, there are video evidences, such as the one below, showing direct involvement of Congress leaders from MP, inciting violence.

No surprise on why people have faced backlash. But, Rahul and other top Congress leaders are not the only ones who are part of this trend. Then there is our beloved Mr. Kejriwal who has sent a ‘special squad’ to Mandsaur for ‘introspection’.

In this scenario, one basic questions must pop up in our minds. Do these people really care about farmers, or anyone as a matter of fact?

Rahul Gandhi’s party has been in power for 10 years before the current government. What did you see? Were farmers not dying? Where mob violence uncommon? Where lynching not a part of the society?

If you think not, then remember that the seeds of cast descrimination and the upper castes domination was a result of the Congress’s coalition. Thanks to adamant Dr. Ambedkar’s audacity that he made reservations a possibility. The contemporary problems with reservation and its implications are a different topic to discuss. Let’s just get back to today’s political reality.

Brother From Another Mother

On one side there is Rahul, on the other there is Arvind Kejriwal, who has failed the people of Delhi. His own people have left AAP for lack of democratic environment. Is this backlash in AAP staged? Think again because the first ones to leave his side were Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, pillars of the party.

Why aren’t the real problem of the state and people a matter of concern for these politicians?

Recently, you must have heard reports that Amit Shah is laying groundwork for 2019 elections and what is visible from Mandsaur incident is that this is Congress’s groundwork. Oh you cannot expect any less from a political party that has ruled this country for almost 70 years and was thrown out of power shamelessly for failing on its promises.

Have you ever seen these leaders reaching out to the farmers wherever they are in power? This is not just about the Congress, but every political party that indulges in showoff and appeasement.

You Can’t Fool The People

Unfortunately no! Indians although might seem very simple minded, but that’s just on the surface. People in this country have been dealing with appeasement and drama since the early years of independence. So what’s happening today is nothing exclusive.

But there’s a problem. This magnanimity of opportunism is increasing day by day.

Exception is a Reality!

Consider Narendra Modi an example. The man who changed politics with his social media outreach. But, his appearance and usage of social media has a very defined purpose. I can’t remember anybody prior to this government knowing about govt. schemes to such an extent as today.

TV, radio, social media and every possible place of communication, Modi has simply bombarded information regarding his government and his work. He has done this so efficiently and confidently, that he is probably making more critics than friends. He is giving a lot more opportunity for criticism through such widespread dissemination of information, than any other previous government.

Giving details of his work every year is a very positive step as a government. It takes guts to drag oneself into the public domain for scrutiny and criticism. Unfortunately, it’s true that it’s impossible for any government to fulfil all demands of its people, yet the opposition has failed to ask the right questions, but landed in the culture of vulture tourism.

What else to expect from a government whose election mode is always on?

Social Media — A Game Changer

Today, all what you are doing or have done already is accessible to the people. This means that you can’t hide. Social Media has changed the meaning of how governments function, not only in our country, but the entire world.

Today, people seek results. You want to do politics of hypocrisy? People of this country will fail you, sooner or later. There are many such examples like Congress, AIADMK, DMK, etc. They will throw you out of power, just as embarrassingly as Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

Today power in politics comes from what a leader is doing for his people. It’s true that caste, creed and religion are still deciding factors, but then what happened in Uttar Pradesh was unprecedented. This means that politics and politicians should take major steps to change the status quo.

It’s unbelievable that Modi govt has done that too. Demonetisation, attack on businessmen, real estate, transparency in allocation of resources and so on are the examples which have created negative sentiments in decent chunk of the population. It would be unfair to say that Modi didn’t know it’s far reaching impact, yet he took the step.

That’s what’s needed from a govt, the ability to take hard steps which leads the people to a better and more modern life. Modern as in not a life of machines, but a life of knowing the basic rights of humanity and self development.

So, You Think You Know?

It comes down to the information that people come to know, so media cannot be excluded from the foray. It’s own biases have divided people on political parties and leader, but that’s not the job of our media, is it?

We the people of this country have the right to know the truth, but those in media have a different take on it for different reasons. But, we must concern ourselves as to who we are going to trust. We need to keep in check what we know and not trust blindly, what’s being shown on the TV or social media.

Lets downplay vulture politics, lets downplay politics of appeasement, lets downplay fake concern and rise up from deprivation of factual information. Let’s keep a check on our politicians and stop depending on media. Lets own our vote and lets own our future because no one has anything to loose, but we the common people of this incredible country.