10 stupid ways Indians react when a Pichai rises at Google

Dekhne se to nahi lagta! (Doesn’t look like a CEO). We firmly believe that the appearance of a person must give us a sense of his abilities and the position he holds or is going to take.

Sirf 43 saal ka hai (He’s just 43!). We are so outraged at the success of relatively younger people if they are not members of some famous family.

Kitna kamata hoga? (How much does he earn?) Now we need something tangible to measure his success. As soon as we realize that he earns in a day that we probably don’t in a year, we get frustrated.

Banda IIT ka hai! (The guy is from IIT). Some of us persist, singing paean of his IIT days. It’s understood that if someone has studied at an IIT, he is probably capable of everything.

Kaash hum bhi school me padh lete! (Only if we had been serious about studies in school). Another failed attempt at humour.


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