Our ancestors believed in yoga as we do believe in technology; one solution for every problem. Yoga has always been a remedy to various ailments. In ancient times yogis used to perform asana on green grass in open fields but as its quite implausible in today’s life, Yoga Mats are significant symbol for contemporary yoga practice. Yoga is a way of life and it has to be followed regularly. Different yoga asana are prescribed for different health issues. Daily practice of yoga yield good health in less than no time.

Yoga Mats protect you from hard concrete floor and thus it should be made of material which can provide enough cushions but also keeps you connected to floor. We are one such mats manufacturing company involved in manufacturing and designing good quality mats that can quench your thirst for perfect Yoga Mats. At Matsindia we are designing mats to satisfy customers of diverse choices. As we all know that Yoga Mats are actually personalised space to restore your mental peace and rejuvenation, so we take special care of fabric, prints and colours that make you feel engrossed once you sit on your Yoga Mats. One can choose from wide range of available prints like Interlocking Mats, Sun Salutation Mats, Triangle Printed Mats, Plain Coloured Mats etc. We use material that is superior Shock Absorption and Anti-Skid. It has EVA foam filling that cushions you and absorbs shock, so you can enjoy a safe workout session.Moreover the material is water resistant so it stays durable and looks new for a longer period of time and comes with Premium Bag and Belt, thus easy to carry. Our Yoga Mats have optimum dimensions as proper length and width provide you with enough space for trying varied asana.

Among available choices one can opt for Triangle Design Yoga Mats. These have triangle print in regular pattern. It gives a geometrical pattern look thus gives whole mat a smart and contemporary look. Colours are used such that it enhances the pattern look and make your Yoga Mat look elegant yet accustomed. Triangle Design Yoga Mats can be found in various sizes. Size of triangle can also be varied on demand. We optimise mats according to customer choices and so our customer can order their own design which can be printed on Yoga Mats on liberal charges. Further information on variety of mats can be gathered from our website