ZABUTON-Yoga Accessories


Yoga is not just a fitness regime; it is a way of life. It is not only set of physical exercises and postures but also a spiritual connect of body and soul. It not only make us fit physically but also rejuvenate us mentally and thus we can concentrate much on our work efficiently and as a result can lead a happier life. It is generally not possible for everybody to follow those arduous lists of health clubs and reach there daily becomes more of a mental pressure so unlike health clubs, yoga can be followed even at our adobe just sitting peacefully at our terrace or at park. When we talk of yoga we can’t underestimate the power of meditation. Meditation brings our mind at rest and thus can relax our stress and give us the sense of comfort and stability that every human craves for. It provides work-life balance, enhances mental clarity and decision-making skills and nurtures trust, creativity, innovation and intuition.


Doing yoga on yoga mats not only provide personal space but also help you to avoid slipping on floor which can result from your sweaty palms. Yoga accessories like Zabuton help us boost our meditation power. At matsIndia one can get high quality meditation accessories that often are a source of inspiration as well as an expression of commitment to meditation practice. One such accessory is Zabuton. It enhances our capacity to bring your mind at rest and helps you achieve the rest that is deeper than the deepest sleep that you can ever have. Zabuton makes our yoga possess comfortable as it provides adequate cushion for hips and knee. It comes in a portable size and is small enough for you to take anywhere when you want to go on a retreat. The thickness of the zabuton should be just right that it amply protects your knees and ankles from the floor’s hard surface. Zabuton can also be used at home for basic sitting and is an object of use for those who love to sit on floor.


Outer cover of Zabuton is of great importance as it decides the life of it. One can choose from cotton, burlap, or even silk. For the stuffing, this company uses many options, including wool, cotton, kapok foam, or buckwheat hull. Hulls and kapok are widely used. Hulls are not easily compressed so they shift easily around the casing to conform to the shape of your head and neck. They provide firm support throughout the night and help maintain the neutral position of your neck as you sleep. Other widely used stuffing is kapok. It is also known as silk cotton or Java cotton. The hair-like fibres that surround the kapok seeds are best used as a stuffing. Zabuton is surely a must buy for those in believing in perfect meditation and its results.