10 Things Every Smart Millennial Entrepreneur Knows

What I’ve noticed as a celebrity social media manager is that sometimes doing your job can be difficult when you have a client that is totally defiant to your suggestions. You tell them they need to start making videos and they’d rather post pictures; you tell them they’ll get more followers on Instagram if they use different hashtags and they’d rather use a new hashtag every 6 pictures. Then after a weekly evaluation of their social media presence you tell them that they’re analytics are low and they are still stern on not changing a thing! It’s completely frustrating sometimes.

What I have found is that the only clients that respond that way are the ones that have no social media experience. You know, the ones that need someone to show them how to work Twitter types. While social media is an issue, here is my list of 10 things that every smart millennial entrepreneur should know:

1. #SocialMediaMatters

As discussed above, for some reason the older generation either doesn’t get it or won’t acknowledge it, but social media does matter. In this day and age without a social media presence your business is just lost in the fog. There are even businesses and interviewers who won’t give you the time of day without a certain number of followers and engagement. Get in the game. Take advantage of new technology.

2. Expect Shade

Understanding that not everyone will support your new entrepreneurial venture is the first step in acknowledging the problem. I used to wonder why I could barely get my friends and family to share my posts or buy my products. The reason being is because nobody will believe in your dream more than you. What I did find is that people who didn’t even know me supported me. That reality stung a bit, but it also helped me make new clients, friends, and partnerships in other places. Propelling my business to the next level.

3. Product, Product, PRODUCT!

Product is a must for every business. Get caught without it and your business can take a dangerous fall. I’ve seen entrepreneurs lose credibility and even shut down their business because they had no supply on demand. Create webinars, seminars, eBooks, shirts, events, etc. to keep your audience active and engaged in your business. It makes you a valuable resource and a trusted business. Product is a necessity.

4. Videos are REQUIRED!

I read an article the other day stating how much entrepreneurs were losing in their business simply because they weren’t utilizing video marketing. The numbers were daunting, but the real problem is when faced with the reality that videos make a difference, the entrepreneur chooses to hold off until another time only to never do it all. A millennial entrepreneur wouldn’t think twice about it. Use Youtube, Periscope, Facebook Live, SnapChat, etc. to your advantage. Your business will grow exponentially just by adding that visual to your powerful message or call-to-action.

5. Google is a learning platform.

Yes, I know Google is technically a search engine, but not for the millennial entrepreneur. It is a gold mine of information, videos, courses, and knowledge all in one place. Take it from someone who learned web design and social media management from taking free online Udemy and Yale courses. Yes, Yale hosts FREE courses online! A lot of people believe you have to go to school for what you want, but as long as the Internet is available, the possibilities are endless.

6. Collaboration = Growth

Never be afraid to reach other networks. Joining with an influencer in your niche could catapult your business in an even bigger direction. While the old way is to only connect with those bigger than you, millennial entrepreneurs know that you still earn an audience with those with smaller numbers too. Don’t let your big head get in the way of your advancement.

7. Risk-Takers always find the solution FIRST!

Many complain that they aren’t making any money in their business and don’t want to spend anything because they haven’t seen their ROI yet. If you’re one of these kinds of people, then you are bound to get the same results. You must take risks! Best believe, your competitors are. They’re creating cool new shirts, investing in properties, and growing their brand. No one gets to the top without taking a few risks on their dream.

8. Fear is just a 4-letter word.

Fear is experiencing something you’ve never done. It can be scary to try something new, risky, or intimidating. It took me 3 years to submit a blog entry to The Huffington Post because I thought I was too mediocre. Surprisingly, when I finally got the guts I submitted my first article and it made 4 sections of The Huffington Post! All that time you’re spending worrying about what others will think will stop you from ever discovering your potential.

9. Promotion makes a difference.

This doesn’t mean pound everyone on social media with statuses every 2 minutes. This means carefully analyzing the best time, place, and words to use in order to see your money duplicate or triple and draw in your target market. Not promoting your business properly can cause you to lose customers and set your business back a few steps. Millennial entrepreneurs know which tools to use to make this happen and understand what to rightfully invest in to make successful advertisement happen.

10. The universe is infinite!

Every millennial entrepreneur I know sees the world as something further than the moon, stars, and galaxies. They know there’s a way to achieve anything in their businesses and their lives so they never give up or stop trying. It’s one of our greatest qualities and one that everyone should own.

Millennial entrepreneurs know that all 10 of these things work. While the old generation is still attempting to brand their restaurant by standing outside holding signs, millennials understand it takes more effort than that. Anyone can have a successful business as long as they realize that they must utilize the new wave of technology. The phone book is no longer a source. Think outside the box and you too can become a smarter and more successful entrepreneur.

Originally published at themillennialvibe.com on August 29, 2016.

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