3 Rules To Manifesting A Queen

“I can’t say I’m conceited, but I am proud. I can’t say that I’m ashamed of my radiance because from the texture of my hair, the dialect in my voice, and my complexion; I know that I am art. I can’t say that I am Einstein, but I do have a brain. What I can say is that I am a Queen. A Queen of much understanding of my power, my beauty, and my life’s purposeful meaning.”

India Rochelle

Can you say the same? There are a lot of Queens who have yet to understand their crowning. That Queen may believe that she isn’t born to rise any further than what’s expected. She may think of herself as a burden to the world rather than a beautiful blessing. She also may think of her life divided. As do so many black women and girls who believe that there are some born to be more and then there are those, that they believe to be themselves, as the example of failure to those who rise. That Queen may resent her entire existence.

Fortunately, the rise of Queens in our community offline and online is slowly ascending. This is amazing because more Queens are becoming role models to girls who wish to be more, achieve, and believe in themselves. But though the rates may be rising, there are still many Queens who are being left behind.

Why? Because as many women and girls there are that continue to ascend, a lot of them are not sharing how they got there. I’m not talking about their stories of where they came from. I’m talking about the steps and key elements they learned along the way to success and happiness.

Why is it so hard for them to tell us what they did? Why keep something that could help generations of women reclaim their crown a secret?

I started to write this article just to pinpoint the “Why’s”, but my message would be more effective if I, a successful black woman, could give insight as to how to step into your power, rather than take a chance at creating a hostile energy that could deter girls further away from their destined greatness. Here are my 3 Rules To Manifesting A Queen.

1. “Nothing is achieved by those who do not believe.” I am firm on believing that I would not be where I am if I didn’t have people behind me who believed in something greater or if I didn’t believe in anything myself. I ultimately need believers in my circle. And you do too! These are the people who are going to remind you of what you believe in when you begin to forget. These are the people that want to see you win because they believe in you too.

It doesn’t matter what or who you believe in. You can believe in Jesus Christ, Allah, or Buddha because guess what? In order for you to ascend your highest in life, you first have to believe that the universe, God, or whomever you praise, has it under control. When you do this, the weight of the world is lifted off of your shoulders and you can finally focus on rule number two.

2. “What you put inside yourself is what you get back from the universe.” When will you decide to limit your exposure to negative experiences? This rule is very important because in order for you to control your future, you have to replace the negative with positive entities and energies that will push you in the direction of becoming your best self. You cannot become your best self if everything you put inside yourself or place in your bubble affects your thinking and feelings in a negative aspect. Start your path to becoming with monitoring what you eat, read, and watch.

a. First, filter your social media timelines. Remove friends that are sharing videos, stereotypical memes, and statuses that depict a life you do not agree with. Yeah, you could scroll past the status and not give it the time of day. But your subconscious mind sees things more differently. While you may bypass that post, your subconscious has picked it up. One small leak into your positive state of mind could manifest that negativity into your entire day.

b. Read books, articles, and quotes that amplifies your life. Reading will not only broaden your intellect, but also change your perception on life and may even encourage you to find your purpose. With so many Queens lost in this era of who has the smallest waist, the biggest backside, and the best clothes; we as sisters are forgetting to feed our minds. Reading creates leaders.

c. Eat healthy. It’s hard, I know. But your well-being is important to your connection with not only yourself, but to a greater power. The universe. If you want a full and long life, you’ve got to start caring about your body. In return, you can thrive for your family, friends, and those you wish to inspire.

3. “Become everything that you say you are.” It’s time you reclaim your life! You may have been deterred a few times, but you can now focus on getting on the right track! You deserve to reach your full potential. You deserve to walk in happiness. You deserve to be everything that so many have said you would never be. But you must first believe it. Say it. Do it. Your voice, ideas, and heart are the most powerful tools that you own. Speak the life that you desire into existence. Because you future is molded by your thoughts, you have the power to manifest anything into your life. Success, love, prosperity; you can obtain them all! It’s within your power sister!

You are so much more than just a girl. You have the perfect mind. You are the perfect thought. You hold the perfect future. It’s all within you. But don’t be selfish. If you have knowledge or advice that may help a Queen, provide. Our sisterhood is withering because somewhere down the line, we have lost our ability to believe in one another. Including believing in our own selves. Let’s break this cycle.

I have started a social media campaign that inspires girls to believe in our girls. #BelieveInOurQueens is my attempt to bring our sisterhood back to where it belongs. Together. By posting a status, video, or photo that encourages girls to believe in our girls with the hashtag #BelieveInOurQueens, you are breaking the cycle of us women harnessing our secrets to ascending, rather than not doing anything at all and watching each other fall.

I encourage you to #BelieveInOurQueens! Especially our youth! Girls just like you and I are craving answers and guidance towards becoming phenomenal Queens. That’s why it’s important that we not only lift our voice, but also provide tools like books, counseling, and events that will bring us closer to uplifting, inspiring, and teaching one another what we wish we would’ve known. You can support my effort to believe in our queens by visiting www.gofundme.com/BelieveInOurQueens.

Your seed can help girls in unprecedented circumstances find purpose and believe in themselves all over again.

“Little girls with big dreams become women with vision.”
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