Student friends I met in 2018

(It’s these students who I like to meet and keep my flame burning!)

The year 2018 has been amazing as I keep meeting students who I had taught either C, Java or Ruby since 1990. Probably there must be something good that I did for them, that I keep meeting such good friends (now).

1990–1992 batch — Mokashi Sir, Supriya Puntambekar, Swapna Gokhale, Nitin Joshi, Nitin Sapre, Vaishali Patil and Snigdha Gole

On 4th Jan. 2018 I met Mokashi Sir and students from the first MCM batch that passed out in 1992.

Mokashi Sir was the person who got me introduced to Naralkar Institute Pune in 1991 and due to him I got into teaching and guiding young computer science students there, after working in the software industry for 12 years. Sitting in front me is a good friend (and student then), Nitin Joshi in whose office I started teaching Java way back in 1995. Dipti Divekar (now Ganoo) was my first Java student then and who I had the privilege to meet again in June 2018 in Dallas, Texas, USA.

1990–1992 batch — Mokashi Sir, Mahesh Ramdasi and Swapna Gokhale

In the center is Mahesh Ramdasi Sir (my student then) and whose life journey I have seen. Hats off to him!

1990–1992 batch — Nitin Sapre, Vaishali Patil and Snigdha Gole
With Harisankar and Santosh M in Goa

Ruby students (who I met in Goa on 6th Jan. 2018) Harisankar (35th online Ruby batch on RubyLearning, year 2012) who has a software company RedPanthers in Kochi, India and Santosh M basically from Bengaluru and who has helped me a lot in organizing conferences like RubyConfIndia over the years.

Harisankar and Santosh M
With Harisankar in Kochi, India on Feb. 11, 2018

And how can I forget Rajesh Chirputkar (Raj) and his wife (again my student of the 1991–1993 batch) who invited me to their home on Jan 14th for drinks, dinner and a lovely music programme organized at his home by Raj’s friend (a person who has been into dramas, movies and singing for years) as can be seen below.

On June 15th, I met Prakash Ranade (see below) of the 1998 batch in Atlanta, USA.

With Prakash Ranade in Atlanta USA

On 29th June I had the privilege to stay at Makarand and Dipti Ganoo’s (both from the 1996 batch) house in Dallas, Texas USA. Here Aniruddha Sant and Sunil Kapdi from the 1996 batch came to meet me.

Makarnad and Dipti Ganoo at her place on her birthday
Sunil Kapdi and Makarand Ganoo
Aniruddha Sane, Sunil Kapdi, Makarand and Dipti Ganoo

On July 21st two of my students from 1996 and 1997 batches based in North Carolina drove down to Franklin, TN, USA to meet me.

Rajanikant Jinnuri (above) from the 1996 batch, I met him after ages.
Ashok Shinde (1997 batch) and I

With Ashok Shinde in Franklin, TN, USA (batch 1997). This was the second time I met him in the USA. The first time was about 4–5 years back when he was to join Infosys and he drove down and came to my daughter’s place in Franklin to meet me.

On 15th Aug. I met after a long time students of the 1999 batch. Swanand Deo, Sarang Hasabnis, Roopali Mandke (now Joglekar ) and Shama Kulkarni (now Kirloskar).

1999 batch — Swanand Deo, Sarang Hasabnis, Roopali Mandke and Shama Kulkarni (now Kirloskar)
Gauri and Pritam Pandit
Mahendra Paranjape

Pritam and Gauri Pandit and of course Mahendra Paranjape have always been there for me especially when my son was very critical and in coma.

Prathamesh Sonpatki who is a Director at BigBinary was my Ruby student in 2012 and who helps us today in organizing technical conferences via our trust the “Emerging Technology Trust”.

Prathamesh Sonpatki

Well no more photos but this year I have been in touch with so many other students either on Email, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or on phone.

Feeling lucky and good!