Magic of the morning shows.

“Chal uth be, 10 baje ka show hai. 9.30 ho gaye.”

These words would have been said numerous times in hostel rooms or houses where working bachelors are staying. Morning shows or “Isse saste mai movie kana dekhnge” has been fulcrum of the weekends from years. Sadly there had been no dedicated literature to imply the importance of 10 am shows, which is sad.

For a bachelor, the morning show is a great mark of sacrifice. Sacrifice of one thing he loves the most in the whole universe, sleep. Imagine eating food in a hotel after 5 days of meal in the hostel mess. It feels like attaining Nirvana. So when after gruelling night of killing terrorists in Counter Strike or Dodging 4 defenders in FIFA they sleep and get up early, is no mean feat.

From years morning show has been a battle of choosing money and sleep. And however sweet the sleep might be but the pocket always wins. Someone might argue that not watching the movie can be a good option. But we have not heard of people who have survived after this suggestion. Saving those 50 or 100 rupees is very important. Because they are the saviour when you get “RechargeZoned”.

Now movie buffs go for the premier show of a very good movie but in case they miss it there is no alternative of it. For a good movie it is Premier or GTFO. If you miss it, there is no salvaging pride. Go to the morning show in the weekend. Morning shows have also been saviours to the worst movies on the planet. Because there is not much to do on weekends ,”Chal chalte hai, bakchodi maarenge” is the favourite option. Careers of likes of Dino Morea, Aftab Shivdasani etc have been floating because of the morning show.

So next weekend get up early. Go to the worst movie on the list with a bunch of sleepy buggers and unearth the magic of the morning shows.

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