What are the similarities between Amazon and Alibaba? [Part 1 of 2]

Amazon and Alibaba truly are two disruptive and innovative companies. Check out the characteristics of each tech giant

Andrea Marchiotto
Nov 1, 2018 · 6 min read
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Amazon and Alibaba are under scrutiny in this article, divided into two parts. The two tech giants created two gargantous platforms for selling goods and services, two unstoppable ecosystems that are changing forever the way we do business, both offline and online. Like an offshore platform who’s extracting the juice from Earth, until nothing is left. Okay, a bit dramatic but catchy, isn’t it? ;)

Disclaimer: please note this article is a collection of personal thoughts and a few quotes from experts. All info is publicly available. The content hereby written does not reflect in any way the position of the company I work for.

Dear reader,

With this article (first part, the second is here) about the similarities between Amazon and Alibaba, I highlight the key characteristics of each one. Knowing more how they play and operate could help you build a better business plan. I hope you enjoy the reading.

Things in common, for starters

Let’s start with the things in common first…

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Credit: A Blogs@Baruch site
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Image Credit: TechinAsia

An interesting parenthesis: DIGITAL INNOVATION at Albert Heijn

Amazon and Alibaba are not the only companies focusing on creating a seamless offline customer experience. An additional example comes from Dutch retailer Albert Heijn (AH): following a successful pilot, Albert Heijn has opened its first two checkout-free stores in the Amsterdam Medical Centre. Another store is due to launch at Amsterdam’s central station. The technology will now be rolled out to all 80 AH to go convenience stores. Customers pay at the shelf using a dedicated ‘tap to go’ card or by using an app on their Android phone. Future developments will include iOs and Windows functionality. After ten minutes, the purchase price of items is automatically deducted from the customer’s account[7]

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Chart Credit: DigitalCommerce360 | Source: Adobe Digital Insights, company reports, Internet Retailer


Find the second part of the article here!

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