Fashion Struggles of a Short Girl!

Short girls are cute but according to our style experts at Indianroots, these little ladies go through a lot of struggle when it comes to fashion. Here are a few fashion struggles you would relate to if you are anything under 5’3”! Keep reading:

Never-ending visits to the tailor

This goes without saying that you are a regular visitor in that tailor-shop at your locality because most of the clothes that you buy need an alteration. You know that you need your tailors forever and this is the reason you are always extra nice to them.

Maxi dresses are sour grapes

You try to conceal your love for maxi-dresses because you know that they do not look that flattering on your tiny silhouette. Yes this is sad but instead of getting disappointed you must look for other options that suit your body type.

Oversized T-shirts are not your cup of tea

The fashionista in you sobs silently when you come across women who look effortlessly stylish in oversized tees. Oversized items are cool but they completely drown you and make you look shabby, so it’s better to shift your focus on well-fitted tees and tops.

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is a difficult task

Tiny body comes with tiny feet! A lot of short girls find it difficult to find footwear that cups their feet perfectly. They often have to compromise when it comes to fashionable footwear!

Tired of being cute

No matter how many efforts they put in to look sexy but petite girls somehow end up looking cute all the time. Being cute is good but short girls get tired of being called “cute” every time.