Emraan Hashmi And Kriti Kharbanda Promotions Of Raaz Reboot

Raaz Reboot Poster

Emraan Hashmi and his beautiful co-star Kriti Kharbanda have officially begun the fourth installment of their Promotions Of Raaz Reboot.

The leading pair, who play ex-lovers in the film, were spotted at Mumbai’s Mehboob studios where they promoted their film across all media platforms.

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The makers had a lot to smile about as the film was cleared by the censor board without any cuts. The film received an ‘A’ (adult) certification by the board, which the team has accepted with open arms. Talking about the certification.

Emraan Hashmi And Kriti Kharbanda in Raaz Reboot Poster

Producer Mukesh Bhatt said, “The good news is that the film has been censored and passed with an ‘A’ certificate obviously, without any cuts. The intent of the filmmaker was not to titillate you. It is a film made with a very good intent. That was communicated to each and every member (of the board).”

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The film is scheduled to hit theatres on September 16.

Source: Indiashor.com