Is everyone a fuqboy?

First blog of April. Happy new month everyone I hope all is well with you. As you may know from my about me blog I am an infj. That means introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. I’m one of the 1%. While I try to write from an objective point of view it would probably be best to keep in mind that this is my personality type and will thus show in my writing technique. With that being said continue reading with caution, because what I have to say won’t be prettied up with political correctness to comply with society’s view of things.

I think we’re all familiar with twitter in some way. Whether we have one or know of someone who has one, or we’ve just heard of the entertaining goings on of the site. So the other day a favorite celebrity of mine got a lot of backlash for retweeting something that wasn’t shrouded in political correctness. I personally had no problem with it because I saw where he was coming from. The only thing that really got to me is that he hid behind his political standpoint as a liberal to back up his opinions. I think his opinions were great. I think as humans we should all strive for true equality, freedom of choice, and self expression. But that’s just it, I think we should do that as humans. Not as democrat, republican, liberal, or conservatives. We shouldn’t have to hide behind a label to express ourselves. If you have an opinion own that shit as the human you are standing not for your political values but instead for human values!

Now I’m sure you’re probably guessing why the title is “Is Everyone a Fuqboy”. Well I’m getting to that, bear with me here haha. I’m part of several groups and support systems on social media, as online social interaction is my main way of socializing. I have social anxiety and can’t connect with a lot of people locally so that’s just what I do.

I had an episode this morning. In the shower, the room started spinning, I started feeling my energy fade and I thought I might faint in the shower stream. I washed off as quickly as I could and got out to start dry heaving all over the bathroom. I’m still not entirely sure what was wrong or why it happened, and everyone around me has their little theories such as “sounds like you’re pregnant” or “have you been smoking dope?” Haha while these are completely irrelevant to my life the whole thing has given me time to think and left me feeling very honest (which I never know is good or bad).

So a young lady in one of my groups was posting in a group I’m in about a new love interest in her life. As I read through these texts with atrocious grammar, sappy sweet saturations of baby and beautiful, and a litter of poorly executed excuses for why he was online on facebook when he really wasn’t. He jumped to the extreme of deleting his facebook. Most likely to hide his lies and whereabouts. And I couldn’t help but scream in my brain what I knew to be true. This guy is a fuckboy! I could have said it from the get go from his name to the way he takes bathroom selfies that everything about this guy exudes that he is indeed a fuckboy. Okay so what is a fuckboy and how did I come to this conclusion?

I’ve searched the interwebz for an exact almost orthodox definition of a fuckboy, and I didn’t really get one. But we all know the type; white tube socks with adidas sandals, relies on his mom but doesn’t respect women, taking bathroom selfies, maybe even poor grammar, and definitely the over usage of terms such as beautiful/geourgous/baby/babe right off the bat when interacting with the opposite sex. Maybe they used to call them scrubs in the 90s, like that one song talked about, but we’ve mostly come to know and identify these characters through social identification.

In conclusion to my ramblings I did not scream out “fuckboy alert!”🚨 but I did point out the fuckboy attributes to the young lady and she agreed. It’s difficult in this sea of fuckboys and scrubs and whatever the else to throw a line and fish a good game, but remember your appearance, your personality, and the way you hold and present yourself is your bait. No not everyone is a fuckboy. So make sure you’ve got good bait to put out and have fun fishing. Until next time nama-fucking-ste!

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