IndieSquare and EverdreamSoft jointly develop Counterparty-based blockchain game platform, popular card game Force of Will set to join

In collaboration with the developer of Blockchain based trading card game “Spells of GenesisEverdreamSoft, IndieSquare, the provider of the world’s first and only mobile Counterparty wallet “IndieSquare Wallet” and an easy-to-use API for developers, are jointly developing a blockchain gaming platform. The platform release is scheduled in September 2016.

Also, Force of Will(FoW), the popular Japanese card game who sell cards in more than 30 countries ranking 4th in sales volume in the North American hobby channel collectible game category is set to take advantage of the blockchain gaming platform built by IndieSquare and EverdreamSoft. The FoW’s upcoming online simulator, “Force of Will Battle Simulator” is scheduled to be released this coming September and will have their game items tokenized of the blockchain just like SoG. With this, FoW’s passionate players (that amount to more than 100,000) will be able to trade their game items securely on the blockchain.

Force of Will card sample image. FoW players will be able to trade their digital assets on the blockchain directly similar to SoG

In addition to secure game item trading on the blockchain, the new joint venture between IndieSquare and EverdreamSoft will allow interoperability of game items between different games. Utilizing IndieSquare’s API services the popular bitcoin game SaruTobi has already enabled Spells of Genesis cards to be used as in game playable items. The crypto geocaching application “takara” now allows the geocaching of Spells of Genesis cards and other counterparty assets, also made possible by IndieSquare’s API service.

By combining IndieSquare’s Counterparty API services with EverdreamSoft’s easy to use dashboard for game management and asset registration, we hope this collaboration will enable a new wave of developers to utilize blockchain game items planting the seed for a generation of games and applications with interoperable assets and items.

The details of the project will be announced later this month but the platform includes a game optimized mobile collection app and a game developer interface for token management.