Introducing 3 new features on IndieBoard

1,Subasset issuance

You can now issue new subassets on IndieBoard. With this feature, you can issue a token such as「INDIESQUARE.subname」from the existent main tokens.

You can specify alphabets as well as numbers and some symbols for increased flexibility. This will be useful for tokens as tickets, game items and more.

2,Token ownership transfer

You can now transfer the ownership of tokens through Indieboard. Note that once you transfer the ownership, you can no longer issue extra tokens and change the associated token information(token logo, description etc)


You can now pay out dividends to token holders directly from Indieboard. This will be a handy feature especially considering the increase tx fee on the Bitcoin blockchain.

With these additions, you can better manage your original tokens through IndieSquare now and we hope this will move the token economy movement further.

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