I’m one of those 80’s and 90’s kid. I used to love playing Pokémon whenever my parents would let me. I found Pikachu cute, and Magikarp kind of useless, although I would work my ass off on getting as many trading cards of whatever Pokémon as I could just to show them off.

I watched Detective Pikachu the day it was released and I took a good look around. My high-quality survey in the movie theater showed me almost everyone who had come to watch the movie was roughly my age. So, it is safe to say that Pokemóns has…

Get ready to take a hit right in the feels with A Plague Tale: Innocence. A story that follows two orphaned siblings trying to survive one of the most brutal eras of Europe: The Black Death. Go back in time to the 1300s when a bunch of rats decided to kill off 1/3rd of Europe in an infestation that makes it clear that a couple of rats are far more effective than nukes.

But that isn’t all the danger you face. A misguided cult known as the Inquisition is hunting you down at every turn. The atmosphere is deserted, save…

Total War: Three Kingdoms is one of those premier strategy games from a series that can tackle any historical era with grace and deft implementation of gameplay mechanics.

This games looks no different from other titles in the series, yet it promises so much more than those games offered.

How does it do this?

Through the rich, deep lore of the Three Kingdoms saga that serves as the narrative centerpiece in this game.

The Three Kingdoms, also sometimes referred to as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, involves the conflicts between the rival Chinese kingdoms of Wei, Wu, and Shu.

Now that season 8 has wrapped up on HBO’s Game of Thrones, everyone is wondering: What’s next? But more important than that question is what kind of impact will Game of Thrones have on television going forward?

A true cultural phenomenon in the purest sense of the word, the fandom for Game of Thrones spanned all classes, backgrounds, and age groups. Unlike Mad Men, which skewed heavily towards the more affluent members of society, or Breaking Bad which appeal to the opposite end of the spectrum, nearly everyone watched Game of Thrones.

And maybe that is why it was nearly…

At first I approached Darkwood (for Nintendo Switch May 16) with low expectations. Both the survival-horror genre and the top-down, twin-stick pixel shooter have been beaten to hell in the last few years. And the screenshots for Darkwood make it look a bit like a mashup of those poor, abused genres. BUT! Darkwood really different. So different it’s… shall we say, SCARY!? (Maniacal laughter)

I’ve played plenty of twin-stick, top down indie action games, and a lot of them are great. Enter the Gungeon and Hellmut: Badass from Hell were both excellent, with fast action and non-stop insanity. But Darkwood…

Are we gonna talk about addicting games again? Have you ever noticed that people who never touch video games have all sorts of opinions on them? And they usually target the games you are probably playing right now.

While recently attending some champagne glass-filled party and telling those of us that didn’t inherit hundreds of millions of dollars how to live, Prince Harry decided to open his mouth and spout a load of ignorance when it comes to Fortnite and video games.

Comparing them to gambling, which is actually legal in some circumstances, Prince Harry thinks that Fortnite should be…

Recently, From Software’s new game, the creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, has been widely criticized for its difficulty. Mostly, its critics are saying its difficulty is not accessible and poses limitations to its audience. However, is Sekiro a really difficult game?

Difficulty in video games

Difficulty is a factor of mechanical complexity that exists in each and every single game. This complexity is comprised by the control factor (reaction of the player’s eyes and hands with the elements of the game) and structural complexity (challenges that must be overcome, such as enemies, elements of the scenario, etc).

In video games’ early days, structural…

Near the end of 2018, Google and Microsoft both announced plans to provide cloud gaming services. Cloud-based gaming allows you to play any game on any device, a technology that has the potential to completely disrupt the industry in much the way that Netflix did for film. Here we’ll discuss what the concept of cloud games is and how it stands to change games distribution and publishing forever.

The base idea of cloud-based gaming technology has immense potential for sparking mass change in the games industry. When you play a game from the cloud, the game itself is stored and…

You’ve heard of Rick and Morty, you’ve heard of Rick and Daryl, and you have hopefully heard of Cheech and Chong, but have you heard of Jay and Silent Bob? If not turn back now and google them!

Kevin Smith is the creator of the characters Jay & Silent Bob. Kevin plays as Silent Bob and the director of Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. He is currently making a film. It is kind of a sequel to the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back movie called Jay and Silent Bob Reboot but it’s…

One of the biggest complaints gamers have about modern titles is that everything seems to be the same. And sometimes this is literally the case. Whether it is endless sequels or a wave of “clones” of the latest concept, video gaming is dominated by the “what’s hot now” variety of product. That is amazing considering how long it takes to make a game — as well as how much it costs.

If you’re truly looking for people who are pushing the edge of development and looking for the next great concept then you have to check our indie games. Combining…


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