Selection Reflection


My thoughts and ideas about technology after taking this class.

Data Visualization

April 21st, 2017

A Day of Tracking


Outer Ring: Morning

Middle Ring: Afternoon

Center Ring: Evening

Diamond: 5 minutes of time spent on phone due to boredom

Sun: 5 minutes of time spend on phone due to answer notifications or on call

April 23rd, 2017

A Day of Surroundings


Blue Line: Dividing between friends and strangers

Red Line: Dividing between mobile devices and laptops

Circle: Game

Triangle: Social Media

Star: Homework

April 26th, 2017

App Analysis


Circle: 2 Minutes

Star: 5 Minutes

Triangle: 10 Minutes

Yellow: Snapchat

Pink: Instagram

Blue: Facebook

Red: Pinterest

Green: Game

*********************Trigger Warning**********************

Curated Collection: “Safety Net”

Child Sexual Abuse and The Internet

A Definition:

Thron, an organization that is invested in “attack(ing) the problem of child sexual exploitation from all sides,” breaks down what online sexual abuse can include and provides its readers with information surveys from abused children.

“A similar survey was deployed in 2012 by Thorn and TCU, where over 100 domestic minor sex trafficking victims were surveyed about the role that technology played in their exploitation.”

This article not only describes what online sexual abuse it but it shows that organizations and people extremely care about this issue and are searching for a solution.

An Insight:

Security expert Sebastián Bortnik, in his TED Talk called “The conversation we’re not having about digital child abuse”, describes different aspects of safety that we assume we possess on the internet compared to the actuality of the matter. Throughout his speech, he gives multiple stories to the audience that are real accounts of children being tricked by the Internet or the user behind the screen into engaging in sexual abuse.

“Online safety needs to be a conversation topic in every house and every classroom in the country. We did a survey this year that showed that 15 percent of schools said they knew of cases of grooming in their school. And this number is growing. Technology changed every aspect of our life, including the risks we face and how we take care of ourselves.”

People who are concerned with the safety that we believe is secured through the internet will appreciate this video. While it is a hard speech and topic to listen to, I feel that it is very necessary because it shows how wrong as a society we are to believe that the internet is a safe place.

The Actuality:

In this video from the Variety’s Power of Women Awards Ceremony, Blake Lively talks about the importance of removing child pornography from the internet. As a mother of two, Lively says she feels strongly that it is her job to share what is happening to children, most of which are unaware of due to the Internet, all of the world.

“There are millions of files all over the world being traded every single day of child pornography.”

This video was included into my curated collection to raise awareness about what actually happens. This video provides statistics such as how many children are abused online and how many children have been saved which allows the viewers to realize the importance of the issue at hand.

A Cause:

Jim Taylor, a writer for Psychology Today, highlights the history of technological advancements and the new current trend in relation to parents and their children in our technological society. “Technology/Parenting: iPhone: High-tech Child Abuse?” illustrates why children are so attached to technology and acknowledges it is due to parents not being able to engage with their children or teach them how to use technology properly.

“Instead of talking to or playing with the children or helping them find something to do on their own that might allay their current state, too many parents these days just pull out their iPhone and hand it to their children.”

I included this article as a part of my curated collection because I believe it highlights a possible reason for why children don’t know exactly how to use the internet and this can lead to unsafe use. This article gives a great background for readers who are unsure of the issues at hand regarding technology and usage.

A Solution:

Jemima Kiss the author of, Why Technology Must Be The Solution To Child Abuse Material Online, confronts the issue of child sexual abuse over the internet by providing a solution that many may not think of. Her solution for an internet problem is to use the internet to our advantage by using software to become aware of predators.

“ Software already exists that could identify thousands of people who have accessed or shared images of abuse.”
“It is too easy to describe the internet as ungovernable; a technological problem requires a technological solution, but it appears the priorities lie elsewhere.”

Anyone who is wondering what step we can take next as a society to end this violent trend and relationship between child sexual abuse and technology will appreciate this article. While it is only a starting point, we have to start somewhere!

Small Essay

The abrupt ringing broke the sleepy air of silence in the small dorm room. I quickly searched the covers with my hands until I found the buzzing cell phone that interrupted my sleep. It’s early in the morning and the ring indicated my day’s beginning. A day full of possibilities for new connections and ideas to be made. After clicking the home button, I have instant regrets as the harsh light floods my retina. The unavoidable scrolling through social media begins the second me eyes become focused again. Once my mind has been infected with the new latest trends and information on Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, I find myself able to get out of bed and start my day. With my trusty device in my hand, I turn on the flashlight in hopes of not waking up my roommate who fell asleep with headphones in and her computer open.

Technology is everywhere in today’s society which is something that I hadn’t previously noticed before taking this class. I had not realized that from the very moment that I wake up to the very moment that I go to bed, I am either using some form of technology or thinking about technology. As I said before, my cell phone is the first thing that I see when I get up which is very sad to think about. I allow myself to fall into the trap of being sucked into the notifications from past days and the ideals that my peers create. Due to this class, I am able to see my unhealthy relationship that I have with technology. While I realize that some technology is unavoidable due to needing to complete homework, there are points where my usage is excessive and unnecessary. For example, I find myself on my phone switching from app to app and back again due to boredom and feeling the need to be constantly updated. Now that I am more aware of my tendencies, I am more conscious about how much I decide to use technology in my free time.

By the end of the day, I am aware of my reliance on technology and crawl back into bed. Instead of creating a day full of possibilities for new connections and ideas, I created a shut off and isolated world inside my phone. The day was wasted away with meaningless likes and sending videos to friends who sit across the table from me at dinner. Technology has allowed me to become a version of myself that I hadn’t expected; unsure and nervous to talk aloud.