Indigo Design Award is thrilled to announce our shortlisted 2020 design winners in all areas from Best Graphic Design to Games and Discovery of the Year. We spent the past year scouring the globe for the best in visual design from jaw-dropping illustrations to logos that pop, causes for the greater good, and the hottest in innovative web creation. From a long list of submissions, we were wowed for the third year in a row and can’t wait to showcase our winners in the following six unique categories:

- Graphic Design of the Year
- Digital Design of the Year
- Mobile…

An Emmy® Award-winning virtual reality studio

Game Design of the Year 2019
Gold in PC Games 2019

Meet the development team behind Secret Location, a project-based digital service start-up that quickly gained momentum by shifting their focus toward original content, IP, and technology. Today, they’re a multinational enterprise and their motto is no mystery, intending to “lead with the idea, find and extend the story… then choose the right platform, technique, or technology for the experience we want to create. Ultimately, we consider the medium and its interactivity as fundamental to the story, and the story fundamental to success,” states the team.

Since their early days…

Freelance UX/UI Designer @ GROHE AG

Just a kid with typographic exercises like drawing metal band logos and cars, Dino Franke realized he was only tapping the surface — that soon, he would pursue an education in graphic studies and get to the bottom of what the realm of design was all about. It didn’t take long for interest to perpetuate into a passion where new media and technology are concerned, eventually landing him a firm position in the creative world working for interactive and design agencies. …

Amsterdam, the Netherlands — Indigo Awards is set to announce this year’s main category winners on May 23rd at the Museo Picasso in Malaga, Spain. Indigo Awards presents winners in such categories as:

– Graphic Design of the Year
– Digital Design of the Year
– Mobile Design of the Year
– Games Design of the Year
– Design for Social Change of the Year
– Discovery of the Year

Rollan Rodriguez from Ape Creative receives his certificates

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the first Indigo Design Award. This year individual designers, companies and design agencies from all over the world have submitted their designs, making Indigo a truly global competition.

The quality and the number of entries made it difficult for members of the jury to evaluate submitted designs. In a judging process lasting several weeks, jury members deliberated who would receive the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honorable mention.

31 design professionals have joined Indigo’s jury board to evaluate submitted entries based on their functionality, creativity, and design quality. The members of the jury…

We started by asking a simple question, “what’s the most effective way to serve and promote the design community?”

The question was borne out of personal frustration and a desire to do something different. As experts in the field of design, we’d participated in and worked with many esteemed design competitions whose function seemed to be to harness the talent of their participants to increase their own prestige. While many of these competitions have produced awe-inspiring work and launched successful careers, we thought, we can improve this.

We took a long look at the competition model and asked, “is this…

Indigo Design Award

Recognizing the best in digital, graphic, apps, and games design

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