Poor and traumatized at Harvard
Due Quach

I’m amazed out how much your story resembles my experience at Brown. I did get some attention from staff, but it was ineffective. I somehow wound up meeting weekly with a Dean throughout my Freshman year, who was basically trying lay therapy on me. Needless to say it didn’t improve anything. I made it through to get the degree, but I was definitely living outside my body for most of it, just to emotionally survive it.

I too have embarked upon a journey of self-healing, which for me took the form of a strong meditation practice, training as a psychotherapist, and on-the-job training as a business consultant. And I’ve also done a number of programs with teens in helping them develop life skills I wish I’d had at that age, that my family simply could not provide to me, since they didn’t know themselves.

It is inspiring to hear about your work with Calm Clarity. It is also comforting to learn of another story of successfully navigating the painful journey from youthful poverty to adult prosperity, while in the midst of the most privileged people on Earth. May you feel as blessed as you are.

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