I’ve learned a lot of lessons this year about marketing with direct leads.
Tara Gentile

I’m glad to read you say that. (Great webinar yesterday, btw.)

I’ve been a little divided on the question of slow marketing vs direct sales concept for a couple years now. My previous business was hugely successful with no marketing save a rarely updated, zero promotion, SEO-friendly blog. I was 100% focused on sales and service delivery, then relationship building with the existing customers.

That didn’t work in the transition away from Fortune 500 consulting into sole proprietor consulting that I do with Awaken Business Consulting. But I’ve never quite got my footing with what’s needed for the new pipeline to get steady momentum going. Thankfully I still have income coming in from the previous company, but I still keep trying to figure out the approach that will work for a steady stream of new clients in the new variation, which I shifted into in the first place because I love working this way and giving people what I uniquely give them this way.

At the same time, everything in this article is exactly how I’ve approached my newest venture, The Winning Start programs for helping people of color overcome the deficiencies within both their mindset and practical knowledge caused by the legacy of persecution their families have had to deal with. It has taken off quickly, with immediate traction, yet I wasn’t thinking of any of these things, but just genuinely trying to solve this problem for people I want to help.

It was actually an outgrowth of work I was doing with great success in my own family. I then asked myself, “How could I adapt this to help other families too?”

Hillary Weiss, that’s the kind of question that leads to the kind of answers you’re sharing in this article.

Thanks to both of you for what you’ve shared. I’m still going to keep working at figuring out how to get Awaken to get more traction. What combination of the authentic slow marketing approach of The Winning Start in combination with the direct sales approach of my previous company might really suit Awaken? Have to sit with this.

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