Driving in Dubai with Child on your side

If you are a couple, or a single mom or single dad, and have planned a visit to Dubai with your children, then car rent in Dubai can save you a lot of headache when it comes to looking after for a child in public transport in a completely unknown city.

Most of the better car rental in Dubai would give you guidelines and instructions regarding carrying a child while driving. In Dubai, traffic rules are bit stricter than the most of the countries. You cannot drive and talk over your phone. It just does not stop there. The speed cams in Dubai not only record your speed, but also take a snap when you pass through them, and if you are found talking over phone while driving, then heavy fines are due.

Rent a car Dubai

Phone should be the last thing on your mind, when traveling in UAE with a child inside the car. Use child safety locks. You should not leave your child unattended inside the car even if you think that you would be back from a particular store within 2 minutes. You should be checking if the buckles of seat-belts are not hot for your children so there are no burns on their skins and any discomfort can be avoided. Smoking inside a car is illegal when there is a child inside your car who is under the age of 12.

There are many other tips if you have planned a Dubai visit with your children and have acquired the services of car rental in UAE. If you are looking for a car rent services in Dubai and would like to have detailed instructions on do’s and don’t’s then go for Indigo Car Rental Service in Dubai. They can assist you with anything your need regarding the rules and regulations.

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