Your Soul Mate is coming.

Are you aware of all the planetary activity which has happened during 2015? The Blood Moons and the eclipses have all been well documented over previous centuries as portents of change in our civilization and yet nothing global has seems to have happen, there have been conflicts, terrorist activities and natural disasters but nothing which has touched everybody’s lives or has it? There have been energy changes, and Earth has experiencing many solar storms which allowed night after night viewings of the Aurora Borealis which has painted the night sky with a palate of light. The Full Moon on Christmas day at 11:11 heralded a mid-point of this energy, .

What does this mean for you?

Firstly, you may have noticed that relationships and friendships have been crumbling, what seemed so solid in your life may be starting to seem shaky and in some instances the relationship may seem like it is over for good! But this truly may not be the case, this is the time when soul mates will be joined together to work in pairs but in order for this to happen the feminine aspect will need to embrace all she is and rise up to be equal to the male in certain areas such as confidence, self-esteem and self-belief putting the self-first has been harder for women but the new energy is now empowering the female and preparing you for a higher calling.

Your Soul Mate is Coming

Many of you reading this will be excited, a soul mate at last! But, be warned these relationships are not easy, this person will not be your missing half they will be a reflection of yourself, they will match your abilities, your moods, they will push your buttons just to get a reaction and push you to your limits but you will be doing the same back to them! It is a turbulent, energetic connection, one which when it balances will change your world but whilst it is settling and you are letting go of ego and competitiveness it will be hard. After all you cannot be better than yourself but it will not stop you from trying to constantly prove the point! Time lines are altering and you will be attracted to what may seem like an inappropriate person in a complicated situation but have faith there is purpose in all of this.

There is a new world order coming:

Women will rise up and be empowered but not alone, their balancing male energy counterpart will be ever present, supporting and sharing. What will make this change happen? It is not the powerful, the rich or the famous, it is us, the people. In 2016 women will begin to shine, reach their goals, women will find unprecedented success on the stage, in politics, in business and heading large conglomerates. Each one of you reading this will play your part whether male or female; imagine a world where people are people, where human beings are exactly that men, women, black, white, rich, poor become citizens of the World and not segregated in society into certain roles, this is the new world order predicted for centuries. It will not be brought about by greedy politicians, pointless wars or religious propaganda it will happen through love, through the nurturing aspect of the feminine but mostly all through each of you, turn off the TV, stop reading the newspapers and start living, loving and caring about your neighbors, your communities and if you do not like something which is happening stand up and be counted, take the lead create an action group and lead the change. Follow your faith whatever that may be but do not be dictated to, if you want to live a more natural life in harmony with the Earth then take that step and become what you want to be. The energy shift which is merging the twin souls is also merging the physical plain with the spiritual, this will make your thoughts create very quickly so be happy, think only positive thoughts and you will see things in your life evolve into what you believe. We are all truly blessed to be alive at this time of transition, a new world is beginning one of peace and love and freedom live to your maximum potential, try and live freely, think freely and lead your own life rather than being led. Stand in the spotlight on your own life’s stage and banish any shade.