My feet pound the pavement. My heart pounds inside my chest.
 The slight perspiration on my skin picks up the cool breeze.
 I’m running: feet, heart and lungs in perfect rhythm.

I never dreamt I’d do this. I never thought I had what it took — to do it consistently.
 For so many years I wondered what it would be like.
 For so long, I admired the ones who did it — I was even slightly jealous of them.

Why didn’t I have the discipline? Why couldn’t I bring myself to do this? Why?

There was never enough time to run. It was never the right time or place.
 I didn’t want to run on hard surfaces, but I never made it to the park often enough.
 I didn’t have the right gear. The weather was always bad — too hot, too cold or rainy.

So many excuses…

And then one day, I just did it.
 I said, ‘Enough!’
 I started.
 I thought to myself that I’d just run down my road. So I did. Just like that.
 I ran just a few hundred metres. It felt good!
 I told myself I’d do it again the next day… and I did. And the next, and the next.

Now I run 5 days a week. Each day, I run a little farther.
 I push myself to grow a little more — to reach a little further.

I run when it’s hot. I run when it’s cold. I run in the pouring rain.

My old pair of trainers, an old pair of shorts and an old t-shirt is all I need.

I don’t have to feel bad anymore. I don’t have to wonder what it would be like.
 I am one of them now and I am proud of myself.

I may be just getting started, but that’s the important thing — I started.
 I’m running now.
 That is the only difference between the old me and the new me.
 We’re both the same person — but one felt bad about not doing it and the other feels good because he’s doing it.

I showed myself that I could do it — that I had what it took.
 I showed myself that I could make my body and mind do what I commanded them.
 I showed myself that I can break old habits of thought and transcend old limitations.
 I had dominion over all of me. I was in charge.
 I felt empowered — that feeling is priceless!

But this not just about running. It’s about everything.
 Running is just a metaphor for anything we want to do in life.

Whenever we want to grow, we will always face resistance from within.
 Call it fear, call it doubt, call it self-sabotage. Call it anything you want.
 But just know that you are bigger than all of that put together.
 You are God here in human form.
 And the prize on the other side of that discomfort is what makes life worth living.

Without progressing and growing; without conquering yourself, it’s not living.
 It’s only existing.

And once you show yourself you can do it with one thing, the world becomes your oyster.
 You know you have the will and the skills to go after other dreams and goals.

You become unstoppable!

So if you’re like me, don’t be afraid. It will be fine. You’ll manage.
 Start. And figure it out as you go along if you have to.
 But do it now. Just do it!
 You’ll thank me. You’ll even thank yourself!

Originally published at Indika De Fonseka.