Correction: Senator Johnson Didn’t Mean What He Wrote

Previously I wrote about why we need to avoid a large-scale healthcare bill like the AHCA. I quoted verbatim from a letter I received from Ron Johnson that made the same point.

Here’s that excerpt again:

We should not try to replace one oversized, “comprehensive” Washington-written plan, Obamacare, with another. Instead, I favor a step-by-step process of continuous improvement — identifying problems and fixing them.

Since then, Senator Johnson has joined the subgroup of the Republican Mens’ Caucus that is writing the senate version of the AHCA. This seemed contrary to his statement, so I reached out to his office today.

A spokesperson at his Milwaukee office denied that Senator Johnson had taken the position that I received in writing, and could not account for the letter that was sent to me and others in my community (I’ve confirmed that the wording in the letters we received is identical).

Can we take our senator at his written word?

This is not the first time that Senator Johnson’s position has been contrary to what he written to constituents. This also happened with his communication on the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

But it’s more than that. After I received Senator Johnson’s letter opposing the AHCA and calling for incremental improvement on the AHCA, I called his office to thank him for this stance, and at that time, they confirmed that it was his position.

Regardless of whether he was lying when he committed to standing up for the American people, or whether he has flip-flopped now that he’s been picked for the team, this casts serious doubt on whether we can trust him at all on this issue.