This is my Start

I once thought about starting a blog.

I had never written a blog in my life.

Even so, I was eager to get started with my little corner of the Internet. I quickly attempted to form my thoughts into sentences, thinking I had something great and profound to share with the world. As I sat in a bar in downtown Denver, I formed my ideas piece by piece, attempting to structure it in an easy to read manner.

It was horrible.

The content didn’t feel complete, I couldn’t form a strong connection from my thoughts to paper. Something was missing in my ability to properly tell a story.

And that damn blinking line was just staring back at me, almost mocking me, challenging me to create better content. I stared back at it, with my brain twisting and turning trying to better structure my ideas.

I gave up on that first post and quickly went to my favorite place for any dumb search request — Google. It felt so mundane to type in that engine “How to become a better writer”. But there I was, scouring for hours through the results for tips and tricks to improve my skills. One forum suggested I start reading books in the style I wished to write in. I recalled seeing a book store through the train window as I pulled up to Union Station from the Airport and I decided to abandon my spot at the bar to step in.

After circling around the quaint bookstore, I found myself back at the nonfiction section. Completely my style. I started flipping through a few books until I found one title that caught my eye — How to be Here.

Flipping open to the first chapter, I was introduced to Rob Bell and his opening sentence:

“I once had an idea for a book.

I’d never written a book.”

It instantly caught my attention and I couldn’t help but hold a slight smug as I continued reading through the first chapter. Rob Bell was instantly relatable, speaking true to the common struggle to simply start and figure things out. I liked him and the way he shared his ideas, so of course, bought his book.

Through reading the book, I was compelled to reflect on my goals and why I wanted to start writing a blog in the first place.

Who did I want my audience to be? What would I regularly talk about? What were my goals in doing this?

I decided that I would have to do this only for myself with no intentions or goals for anyone to read it. If they did, great! If not, its okay, that is not what my goals are.

My goal is to become a better writer, to be able to clearly convey my thoughts in a strong, readable format and to guide my reader through the story.

So this is my number one, this is my start.

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