Why I love the very flawed Apple Smart Battery Case

It is ugly

It has a big hump

It is so tacky that it will Hoover Flag your pocket at least once a day

It adds height to your already tall phone

It makes many headphones unusable without an adapter (and many adapters will not work)

Its really expensive

So, how is this case my daily driver, when I have about 15 cases, 3 of which are battery cases? I have terrible battery anxiety. With this case I can get to dinner nearly all days with the top right indicator showing 100%.

Without it I feel unsettled if I leave for work and my phone is in the 80’s when I had a morning when I played on my phone in bed too long. I find I have to find a power cord ASAP. This is a me problem, not a phone problem. That much I know. I have some other battery cases, including one made by thincharge that adds no chin at the bottom, and looks like a normal case, and provides plenty of power. But using them is like any other external battery — wear down the internal battery and then juice it back up. My logical mind knows that I have another 100–125% charge strapped on the back of my phone but that does nothing to sooth my emotional mind when I see 75% or 50%, let alone anything that makes the icon go yellow (I’m sweating just typing that).

Ideally phones should last longer . . . we all agree on that. But even if the iPhone 6s had double the battery life (thus making it functionally the same as using the Apple smart case) I would not like it as much as I would see 50% at dinner time. Yes, that is the same as having 0% on the current case and 100% on the phone. In other words, I like to be lied to in order to make me feel safe and relaxed. Well, as far as my phone goes. My other anxieties are still there . . .

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