Rediscovering My Inner Artiste

Introducing the Infant ArtEast campaign and why I started it.

Where did that arty girl go?

Remember those uninhibited childhood days when you were into everything? Every little hobby and craze indulged for about, ooh, all of five minutes? Me too. But one thing that stuck with me throughout most of my childhood was my love of anything to do with art. Singing, dancing, performing, dressing up, not to mention drawing, painting, writing and making things. You name it, I was getting into it. I have to admit, I was eluded by any actual natural talent for any of these things, but that wasn’t a problem. I considered myself quite the little creative and my imagination knew no bounds.

So when did that stop? Why do I have writers block when attempting this blog post when as a child I used to be able to sit and write fictional stories for hours on end? Perhaps my adult life of non-stop work, family responsibility and information-overload has completely clouded that little creative part of my brain. Or maybe I just replaced it with Grazia.

My little artist

That said, since having my first child in 2014, one of the things I’ve found most exciting about watching him grow is how creative he’s becoming and how he’s responded to artistic, sensory environments and experiences. I like to give him every opportunity to mess around with crayons, paints, papers and glue and I love how creating his own art gives him confidence. Any exhibitions in galleries or museums that I consider remotely appealing to kids, we’re there! So that creative mind is still in there somewhere, and parenting a toddler seems to be a great way of tapping into it again.

Any excuse for an art attack (in this case, Valentine’s Day)

Sharing art on social media

When the time came to choose 
a theme for my social media campaign, which I’m creating for my training with Digital Mums, the idea was obvious; what am I always loving on Instagram, favouriting on Twitter or sharing on my Facebook page? Cool, family-orientated, arty things to do where I live in Newham. So Infant ArtEast was born, and though it’s still in its own infancy, I’d love you to follow me to keep track of all things art, craft and culture for families and their 0–5 year old’s in Newham.

Thanks to the glorious London 2012 Olympic Games, a door has been opened for Newham that was previously closed. No-one really came here, or had reason to. But now there is tons going on beyond the Hackney border and the real East London is coming into its own again. New initiatives are springing up all the time and there really are loads of creative goings on for families to get involved in, from innovative playgroup sessions to Dr. Zeuss exhibitions, exclusive mini-screenings and community gardening with little ones in mind.

My campaign

Infant ArtEast promises to keep you updated with all the best happenings and community news within the area, and provide plenty of inspiration for those rainy days spent hiding indoors. So if you and your littles want to ignite (or re-ignite) your creative side, give us a follow!

Facebook: @InfantArtEast

Twitter: Infant_ArtEast

Instagram: @infantarteast_e6

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