RBS Bank, what a nightmare

Recently I applied for a business banking account with The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) online. This was a smooth and seamless process, but after a couple of days I received a phone call from them, stating I need to sign some forms and also provide my identity; which I agreed to do.

So about a week later I received the forms I had to sign, which I did and thought I signed everything I needed to sign. I was then told (in the letter I received) I needed to take this paper work and my ID into a branch, which again I did only to find the staff in branch didn’t either have a clue what to do or looked like they wanted to be elsewhere. But anyway they “checked” my paperwork took copies of my ID and away I went.

A few hours later I received a phone from the same person again at RBS stating he’d received the paperwork and that there was some missing signatures on the paperwork and could I go back into branch tomorrow to sign them, well obviously I needed to in order to get the account open, but after the shall we say “shitty” treatment I got from the staff in branch I felt like I shouldn’t. But anyway whilst I was still on the line to the account manager I told him about my experience in branch & he said he would call the branch manager up to discuss and also explain to them I’ll be coming back to sign the remaining paperwork and also what sections it was I had missed. I then returned and signed the paperwork and now awaiting further instructions or even the account been opened.

So the moral of this is always check you have signed documents correctly & always get the guys in a branch to check it also.

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