I was so shaken by the absurdity and apocryphal nature of his comments that I didn’t respond for a few minutes (to his credit, Larry did, laughing and pointing out how wrong his friend was). Study after study has demonstrated, through methods like cortisol testing and massive surveys, that suffering from poverty is only relative above a certain baseline — below this baseline, poverty absolutely causes human suffering. Denying this basic fact is denying the human worth of several billion people on our planet.
Shouldn’t We Fix Poverty Before Migrating to Mars?
Leila Janah

Elons quote is just repeating nearly exactly what was just repeated here. I did not see him denying that there is a base line effect to poverty. Of course you need food to not starve and water to not die of thirst. Those are obvious but tribes people in the amazon are quite content with their existence. Where a nice upper middle class bloke in a job he enjoys could be quite content as well. The opposite can also ring true. This seems like manufactured outrage to me.

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