My White Dove

It’s my time to confess, with all this love I possess… 
That you, my dove, are now and for all time: priceless.

For even if we had, all the money on this Earth. 
It would not live up, to all that you are worth.

For even if we had, all the humans being not just of yours, but of ours, a fan.
Well; that would lend us a hand in this plan, of sharing our lavish time spans.

Although, even the love of all the people on Earth, would not amount to all that you are worth.

For even if I had, achieved peace for all these human beings, being whirled; on top of this Earth.
Still, it would not be a place worthy of your birth.

Until then, I will not have you come forth.

Until then, you remain high above, my love.

Instead, I have to try to live. I have to try to give.
Even more with my love; for you, my dove.

I have to try, with every breath, be fully alive.
You have to never comply, but instead continue to fly…

Meanwhile, grounded, I lie.

Looking up at the heavens. Waiting for a glimpse of my dove. The one that I love.

Distracted; I am wishing for…

What is that? As of yet, on the parapet, nothing set; unless my vision is missing…

What is that? On the balcony, beckoning to me. Could it be? My Juliet; heart beating, breaths competing, knees weakening… no sweat. It’s all set. I hope that…

It is that! That there! That there piece on the top shelf, the heart of yours; my prized possession, yourself.

What is this? This selfish desire to have, not just that; but all of you, all to myself.

Redacted, I return. I have learned. Left attracted and forlorn.

My heart taken, by an angel. Leaving me forsaken. Awakened, inside me a love, previously unknown.

For there is, at least, as of yet…

A page to turn. As I yearn to create, an item to instantiate, a statement of my love for you.

For there is not any art, keeping me young at heart, which while alive I can derive;

That which I can contrive, to make you want to be my future wife.

There is, at least, as of yet…

None that I could could give, 
Even with all this time that I have to live;
That which would be able to close this rift, splitting is from the glorified.

Although, that, I will spend my life trying to get; for you, a gift…

Although there is none that I know, that which I can see… 
No place can I go, to help my mind be set free… 
To imagine all the possibility, if our lives to be, combined eternally.

You choose to be, undoubtably, an icon.
You are, in every fashion, priceless.
You are a piece of art that’s timeless.
You are, my beautiful White Dove, An angel that fills my heart with love.

Maybe, it can be, that you are Icarus.
Possibly, I can’t see, the beauty which lies above us.
Incredibly, I doubt the possibility, of even my voice flying high enough meet you.

Although, by choice, my voice will try anyways to greet you.

Listen, for words have weight.
Place them on your shoulders, the burden lays.

Of your arrival, I’ll happily await.

We’ll dance, have romance; out of our love, they’ll make plays.

Let’s not live another day, apart. Away.

So I sing these words to the heavens.

Hoping for more, of that woman I adore.

Of you always being at my side. 
Of you never having to hide.

Waking up with you having lied, 
 Off at my bedside.

Loving the chance to have you in which to confide. Breaking down any barriers, which between us may reside.

Swelling me with pride,
 being beside myself on this ride.
Forever, I will always have tried; 
 for you, to have satisfied.

Hoping for some more, of that woman I adore.

Having you in my heart, inside; 
 I’m needing…

With this poem, I am dreaming; Of that one, I am seeking.
This boat may be leaking, but if we fly there’s no worry about sinking.

With this poem, I am teeming; 
With this feeling I beaming,
 Happy to have your love in my life.

I’ll embrace your dreams, for me to inspire.
I’ll face and use teams, to conquer your every desire. 
I’ll chase a wedding, where your wildest wishes are to transpire.

Soothsaying, spells ringing, as we are able. 
Worth paying, Adele’s singing, of our fable.

As she plays our song, on her incredible vocal lyre, 
Please stay for long, adding fuel to the everlasting fire; 
That which burns in me with endless desire.

Let’s make a life for ourselves, together.
From the moment we leave our keep, To the second we fall asleep.

We’ll be together, from this day forth to forever.

Eternity and for all time will not be long enough;
For me, to be; the person with which you always mince s’mores, yours.
Possibly, you’ll envy, all the ways in which my heart always adores yours.
Eternity and for all time will not be long enough;

We’ll see whether, some of this I say, is a worthy endeavor.

Now fly, fly high, my beautiful White Dove; above us all, where you belong.
I’ll try, with all my love, to earn my sight of you. With my birdsong.