Tell me what you need to say.

Heavy, this burden on our shoulder weighs.

This is not a game we want to play.

Let’s not live another day, this way.

It’s this love,

that we have my dove.

That what I’m needing,

it keeps me from bleeding.

I want some more, more, more. 
Just open that there door.
Let’s add to our story some lore.
Without you, my love feels poor.
I’m all yours,

Forever and eternity.

So I sing these words to the heaven

It’s this love, it’s this love, it’s this love.
That I’m needing.
It’s you, leading;
That I’m needing, my dove.

I crave you, my love.

We’ll care for each other, my dove,
 as we always had.

I’ll make you a mother, 
 no need to be sad. 
I’ll tend to every bother, 
 just be glad.

We’ll be together. 
For eternity and forever,
I will always be yours.

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