6 Steps to More Trust and Transparency Post-ANA Report [Infographic]

Has there been a bigger controversy or hotter topic in digital advertising than the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) bombshell report on transparency and media buying practices?

All stakeholders — digital marketing executives and advertisers, publishers and agencies — were left wondering how to move forward in the report’s wake wake.

The ANA’s follow-up guidelines contained a long list of to-dos for brands. In our opinion, those recommendations focus too much on the transactional and contractual elements of marketer-agency relationships. There is too little focus on the strategic, collaborative and trust-building aspects of those relationships.

The digital advertising world is a complex place. Agency-advertiser relationships would benefit from a reboot, as we explain here. It’s easy to get bogged down in tactical negotiations without considering the collaboration and dialogue that are necessary to iron out strengthen critical relationships.

Check out this infographic for six specific steps that both brands and agencies should take to move forward in building strong, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Infographic: Six Steps to (Re)Build Trust and Transparency

Relationships are complicated. It’s best to have open lanes of communication. Don’t simply focus on patching the problems of the past, falling into the blame game or burning bridges.

Set the goal to establish relationships that are both positive and productive for all parties involved. That’s how to get on your way to creating more trust and transparency in your media-buying relationships.

Originally published at www.infinitive.com on September 23, 2016.