As far as you know, we have a full-cycle Launchpad and after a token is launched there is a special market maker software package required to work on DEX. We have developed our own Market Maker Tools software package!

It allows to solve the issues of working on DEX:

🚀 Trading volume management

🚀 Position accumulation and distribution

🚀 Support and resistance levels generating

🚀 Capability of working with a lot of wallets simultaneously

🚀 Plotting your own price charts on DEX

All these things are necessary for creating appealing environment and attracting attention of traders. This unique product will be available for everyone who launches a project on Infinity Rocket Launchpad.

🔥 We will soon demonstrate the way it works, follow the announcements!





Participate and Win prizes in IRT!

📍 Conditions: a participant of the contest has to complete buy or sell orders with the pairs IRT/USDT. Winners will be decided based on the total trading volume.

📢 To take a part in the contest you need to follow Trading Competition page, then pick the contest and click on “Participate” button.

⏰ Start of the contest: 12.11.2021 09:00 GMT ✅

💥 The end of the contest: 18.11.2021 09:00 GMT ✅

🎁 10 Medal places:

🥇 1 place 12 000 IRT
🥈 2 place 8 000 IRT
🥉 3–4 place 4 000 IRT
🔹 5–10 place 2 000 IRT

❗️ Attention ❗️The IRT tokens transfer function with codes will be unavailable until the end of the competition.

🔥 Take part in this contest and win!

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