How to stake your iLotto

Staking your iLotto is a key part of investing in the project, so it only makes sense that we do a walkthrough for you. The benefits of staking are as follows, you earn more iLotto which you can collect or compound back in to earn more, you get dividend rewards in BUSD straight to your wallet and you get exclusive opportunities within the Jackpot draws where you can be awarded prizes.

So here is how to stake your iLotto tokens.

Step 1.

Always ensure you are on the correct URL.

Make sure you are on the correct URL, Crypto is full of scams to ‘phish’ your wallet information so always make sure you are on the correct URL. For this staking we will be going to Farmageddon Website.

Step 2.

Connect your wallet, this is at the top of the website. If you use a Metamask extension like this example you will be prompted to confirm the connection. If you use Trust wallet then click ‘Wallet Connect’ and scan the QR code from your phone.

Step 3.

Make sure you are on the ‘Explore Pools’ section of the website, click the dropdown ‘Filter by Partner’ and select ‘Partner’. After it has loaded you will see iLotto at the top, if it is not there you can use the ‘Search Pools’ option.

Step 4.

If this is your first time staking you will need to ‘Enable’ the pool which allows your wallet and the staking contract to communicate with each other.

After it is enabled where it said ‘Enable’ it will now be updated to ‘Stake’ click on the option and a pop up box will show a sliding bar so you decide how many of your total tokens to stake.

Once you have decided on the amount confirm stake by the ‘stake’ button and then your wallet will ask for confirmation once again.

Congratulations you have now staked your iLotto and will now be included in any and all rewards which come from staking your tokens.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the knowledge knowing your money is doing the work for you, even in your sleep.



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