Improving How Influencer Marketing is Done!

The relationship between brands and content creators is a complex one. As the world has gradually shifted its media consumption habits, digital content (such as social media, streams, and YouTube videos) and online communities that surround them have gained more importance. As a result, content creators in all forms have become a valuable resource for brands to leverage as a vehicle to connect with targeted and passionate audiences. Still, the way that brands and creators work together is being refined.

We at InfluencerStuff are here to make influencer marketing more effective and efficient. Through the development of a new platform, we are dedicated to addressing the needs of creators and brands in a way that we hope will change the industry standard for the better.

Who We Are and What We Do

Nearly a decade ago, our CEO, Richard Little, made his entrance into content creation with a YouTube channel focused on investing. As his passion for the industry grew, he took several jobs focused on influencer marketing and management, setting the stage for things to come. Around 2014, Richard was at his own streaming setup, establishing himself within the League of Legends community on Twitch. As a creator, Richard experienced firsthand the balancing act of producing content and building a community while navigating the murky waters of business deals with brands.

He came to discover that understanding the ins and outs of income opportunities for content creators was as complex as it was time-consuming. This, he realized, was an all-too-common pain point for creators of all kinds. While treating content like a business is essential for long-term sustainability, most creatives would rather focus on their craft than on finding, pitching, negotiating, and managing business deals. By identifying the need to make sponsorship, campaign management, and procuring creator’s interest simple and straightforward for the creator — InfluencerStuff was born.

As former content creators working on the business side of the industry for the past seven years, InfluencerStuff knows what it takes to deliver results. We have carefully developed meaningful relationships with both creators and brands in order to facilitate fair and beneficial opportunities for both. These relationships have allowed us to bring relevant deals to the right creators, which has helped supercharge the results.

Typically, our team seeks out business opportunities, determines which opportunities fit well with our creators’ style and preferences, negotiates prices with the brands, and brings the creator a brand offer to accept and decline. This process has helped make it easier for creators to continue to create content while we handle the business side of things on their behalf. While this approach has been highly successful over the years, some challenges still persist for the creator and brand after the campaign begins.

More Work To Be Done

Once a deal has been finalized, it is up to the brand to manage the campaign effectively and it is up to the creator to execute the campaign on the agreed-upon terms. The truth is, when campaigns are mismanaged or unorganized the whole effort is at risk of going sideways or underperforming. Disorganization can directly impact a campaign in a variety of ways and can limit future opportunities for brands and creators alike as a result. It is common to hear of problems in this industry such as:

  • Creators may have trouble fulfilling their commitment if they can’t find provided assets or if they are unclear on deadlines, deliverables, or expectations.
  • Creators may not have invested the time to update their media kit and metrics, making it more difficult to present them as options for brand deals.
  • Brands may undersell creators, or not deliver on agreed-upon payments.
  • Campaign managers may struggle to keep tabs on large groups of creators. Because of this, they may lose their personal connection with creators (and accountability) in the process.
  • Too many Google sheets or points of reference make the process vulnerable to miscommunication and can lead to more mistakes.
  • When a campaign has concluded, brands may have difficulty compiling all campaign data into one cohesive report.

Change Is On the Way

While InfluencerStuff has excelled at facilitating deals between brands and creators, we are eager to make things as easy as possible for all participants of each campaign, even while it is underway. There is a need for more structure and organization to propel our industry forward. We sell shovels so you can stick to mining gold! There is a need for the process to be simplified from start to finish. There is a need for professional resources to support a constantly evolving (and thriving) industry.

Thankfully, the InfluencerStuff platform is undergoing a dramatic transformation that will help address these industry-wide issues — and so much more. If you’re interested in early access to our platform please click here to sign up for a beta token!

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Stay tuned. We’ve got you covered.

Improving how Influencer Marketing is Done!

InfluencerStuff bridges the gap between INFLUENCERS and BRANDS, developing partnerships that last longer while also creating a stable workplace for Influencers.