What Makes InfluencerStuff Different?

4 min readJul 30, 2021


When it comes to influencer marketing agencies, we weren’t the first. We certainly won’t be the last, either. In fact, it seems like new shops specializing in influencer management are springing up on a regular basis with the promise of helping brands and creators work in harmony. This comes as no surprise when considering the rise of importance and influence that creators have along with the devaluation of traditional advertising methods. As the industry continues to grow, there will be more entrepreneurial-minded people looking to capitalize on the many opportunities it has, and will have, to offer.

But the truth is: we are not the same as the other guys. Maybe you can tell from our name that we approach things a little bit differently. And while it helps that we have a team that is highly experienced in the space, and many have been creators themselves, that doesn’t necessarily make us unique.

Let’s take a look at what creators may find working with other influencer agencies, and a few examples of how we at InfluencerStuff are clearly differentiating ourselves within the influencer management space.

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Management Tools

Many agencies are strictly facilitators of deals and do nothing beyond that to ensure the success of any given opportunity. This is problematic because in many cases the creator, brand manager, or both are dealing with a variety of variables that could impact their focus on seeing a campaign across the finish line. In many instances, brands don’t prepare creators adequately and as a result, the campaign output can fall flat.

On the other hand, we have built an influencer management platform from the ground up that directly addresses issues that have hamstrung creator campaigns for years. Creators and brands can ditch the back-and-forth emails and DMs and have everything handled and housed in one shared hub. Finding deals, sharing proposals, negotiating contracts, hosting assets, providing updates, submitting final deliverables (and more) are all done within the InfluencerStuff platform, Odyssey. This reduces the guesswork for all parties involved while increasing transparency and accountability. Speaking of transparency, we show the amount that we take from every deal and typically take a lower percentage of deals overall.

Valuing Creators

Other agencies lack meaningful relationships with creators, and as a result, they default to only trying to work with creators that have the biggest audience. Unfortunately, this makes creators only as valuable as their recent numbers. When creators plateau, take breaks, or don’t see exponential growth over short periods — some agencies will remove them as viable options for potential brand deals.

At InfluencerStuff we are building scalable management for creators at every stage of their journey. Whether they are up-and-coming or an established top-tier creator, we know that numbers alone do not define a creator’s value. While some deals will be specifically for creators with large audiences, we will provide opportunities for all to serve as stepping stones through their career as creators. For exclusive creators on our roster, we do everything we can to assist with their success and remove barriers for creating content. Whether this is an opportunity, a connection, a product, or even gear and equipment, we know that we can have an impact on each creator’s trajectory in this industry. You can read more about creator value beyond just follower count HERE from our previous blog!

More Than Influencer Campaigns

Many influencer agencies seem to lack inspiration for going beyond the bare minimum. The value they provide is leveraging their existing connections and deals they acquire. Many agencies are also only focusing on small segments of the market, such as gaming or other niche categories. But why stop there?

InfluencerStuff is accessible to creators of all areas of content, promoting an inclusive atmosphere and attracting broader opportunities for creators (want to know more about how we are accomplishing this?). We also strive to deliver comprehensive campaign options for brands and creators, taking into account multiple platforms and mediums when it makes sense to do so. While campaigns are currently our bread and butter, we are actively building in-house solutions for the future that our creators will be able to benefit from. Instead of venturing elsewhere for their merch and branded products, we are creating cost-effective systems to handle those requests ourselves and help our creators achieve higher margins on their sales.


InfluencerStuff has always stood for putting creators first, and we will continue to evolve over time with that as one of our guiding principles. As needs change along with the industry, we will be here to address them in ways that set our creators up to be successful. While there won’t be a shortage of management agencies to partner with any time soon, it is important that all creators do their research to determine what organizations are truly going to help them and which ones are simply looking for another number to leverage in their next deal.




InfluencerStuff bridges the gap between INFLUENCERS and BRANDS, developing partnerships that last longer while also creating a stable workplace for Influencers.