InfoMatrix is a continuation of Information Architects, Pakistan which operated from Islamabad during 2006–2017. Since its genesis in 2018,

IA’s experienced knowledge management team delivered some of the world’s largest data warehouse projects for various clients, some very large document management projects for the public & private sector of Pakistan, as well as some elegant small data integration projects in record time. In fact, we have a 100% ‘on-time’ completion record, due to IA’s rigorous quality processes & policies.

IA partnered with Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, KXen, SAS, SAP & as well as built capabilities in customized solution to deliver state…

Unlocking people’s true potential with purpose powered performance is the passion that helps me jump off the bed every-time.

Our purpose at InfoMatrix, “Making people wiser…” is the crux of the decades of our global experience in Agile & Lean transformation engagements from top-down (vision to reality) and bottom-up (execution aligned with strategy).

To me InfoMatrix is the melting pot of global experience with the untapped amazing passion of Pakistani professionals for making this world a better place while making people #Wiser, #Smarter & #Cleaner Everywhere, Everyday.

Let us collaborate towards continuous improvement in pursuit of customer-centric excellence. Welcome to InfoMatrix…

Naveed Khawaja

Chief Transformation & Innovation Officer


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The Best thing that can happen to a person is when, his passion becomes his profession. I am blessed to have been part of Information Technology for over two decades, working in multiple continents. In Pakistan where the IT is still in its adolescence it provides an untapped opportunity to enter into unchartered waters and explore new horizons.

Syed Salman Ali

Vice President


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Message from the CEO, InfoMatrix

Assalam o alekum,

“To be or not to be” that was never the question I had. My question is “What to be, where to be and when to be”. And the answer is, “be Wiser, everywhere, everyday”.

My name is Rehan Saeed Basham & I am the CEO of InfoMatrix, Private Limited. My guiding principle as well as our company’s purpose is “Making People Wiser, Insights Smarter, Data Cleaner, Everywhere, Everyday”.

The three transformative keywords: ‘Wiser’, ‘Smarter’ and ‘Cleaner’ denote our ethos and characterize our every action and process. The statement also hints at a sequential process which when applied…

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InfoMatrix team is Making People Wiser, Insights Smarter & Data Cleaner, Everywhere Everyday & praying for the prosperity & growth of the Mother Land — Pakistan. Happy Independence Day. #team #growth #people #pakistan #success #motivation #life #happiness

6th August, 2020

InfoMatrix Team delivered a Presentation of its #AI based #BreastCancer diagnostic Solution #Amal to Federal Minister for Science & Technology.

InfoMatrix has been selected as one of the few companies to showcase its products and services at AI & IoT for PAKISTAN on 4th and 5th August, 2020 at COMSTECH, Islamabad. We will be highlighting our new offering ‘Amal’, an AI based breast cancer diagnosis system.

This is part of our ongoing effort to promote Knowledge Economy and Digital Transformation in Pakistan, and to pursue our purpose of “Making People Wiser, Insights Smarter and Data Cleaner Everywhere, Everyday”

For details on the COMSTECH event:

To know more about Amal, visit:

Visit our website for more details of our services & offerings at

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