Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Convert PSD to WordPress 4.3

WordPress is unquestionably one of the most preferred CMS and an ideal platform for developing websites of all sorts and sizes — be it a corporate site, a blog, an e-commerce site, etc. The ease of installation and user-friendly admin panel are two of the biggest reasons that makes WordPress a viable option for setting up a website.

Also, there are several pre-built themes that help in building your website quickly and in a hassle-free manner. But, utilizing some already existing design won’t help you come up with a unique online identity. Moreover, it will also restrict you from making the desired changes to the theme.

Wondering what you should do?

Well, you can create a PSD to create a distinct looking website. But remember that a Photoshop Design Document is a static design, and to convert PSD to WordPress theme or a dynamic website just like it, then it needs to be converted to the latest WordPress version. Here are a few other reasons as to why you should convert your PSD to WP theme:

1. Make Changes to Menus in Customizer

Since 4.3 rolled out, you can now perform several functions such as editing, creating and managing the menus directly from the Theme Customizer screen. To do so, click on the Appearance tab in your admin dashboard screen, and click on Customize under the Appearance. Next, click on the menus you would like to tweak. This helps in making editing things in your menu simpler and faster.

2. Better Password Feature

Often when focusing on other crucial aspects we overlook creating a strong password for our site. But with WP 4.3 version, you don’t have to worry about creating a stronger password, as it helps in accomplishing such a task by default. Simply put, whenever you’ll request for a password reset, you will find suggestions for a stronger password in the password reset field. Besides, when adding any new user, a new password setup link will be sent to users by WordPress rather than sending passwords in plain text.

3. Editor Enhancements Help in Distraction Free Writing

The WordPress post editing area is where users spend most of their time in creating content easily using a visual editor. But, clicking on the button to make any changes on the editing screen via a mouse or touch pad slows down the pace of writing. But, you no longer have to worry about such an issue as WP version 4.3 provides inline text shortcuts that help in formatting the text at the same time when you are writing. This means, you don’t necessarily have to click on the touch buttons or reload your page.

Some of the changes that have been applied to the post editor screen are:

  • Start an unordered list using ‘*’ or ‘–’.
  • To start an ordered list use numeric value ‘1’.
  • Utilizing # will turn into h1, ## for h2, ### for h3 and so on.

Wrapping Up

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, there are a few other pros of the new WordPress version 4.3 that will help in customizing your site a breeze and helps in converting PSD into a WordPress website also. So, if you are still running a static HTML site, then you certainly wouldn't want to miss out taking advantage of all these great advantages that the 4.3 version offers.