Code of YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 Passed Security Audit by Beosin

Dec 11, 2019 · 3 min read

The YOYOW Mainnet is about to upgrade to the 2.1 version. The development of the code of Mainnet 2.1 has basically been completed. The YOYOW Foundation has decided to release the YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 code audit report. The YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 code is audited by Beosin, a well-known expert in the field of security. The development team maintains close cooperation with Beosin during the development of the Mainnet 2.1.

The Beosin team used static analysis, dynamic analysis, typical case testing, and manual review to conduct a multi-dimensional comprehensive security audit on the YOYOW public chain for its code standardization, security, and business logic. After the audit, no major security breach was found. The YOYOW public chain passed all detection items, and the audit result showed “passed (excellent)”.

The code of YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 has passed the audit at all levels including the following aspects: block production, governance of staking mining and asset collateral release; the account system safely updating old accounts and adjusting dividend ratio; the asset security lockup mechanism and the point generation mechanism; asset market security at the application level, etc.

Through this code audit, the security guarantee of YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 has been recognized for several aspects ranging from network and communication security, equipment and computing security, application and data security to the more underlying and more basic code security level.

The following figure shows the results of the audit report:

Audit report download address:

As one of the block producers of YOYOW Mainnet, Beosin has been escorting the security of YOYOW network for a long time. Due to Beosin’s participation in this audit, the security of YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 was further strengthened. Beosin’s account on the YOYOW network is: 499744318. Welcome to vote for them.

About Beosin
Beosin Co., Ltd., focusing on blockchain security field, was founded by Prof. Xia Yang and Prof. Wensheng Guo. It has obtained two rounds of equity investment in famous investment institutions such as Distributed Capital, Jieshi Capital and Vangoo Capital. Using formal verification as its core technology, Beosin is the first company in China that applies it to blockchain security field.

Beosin independently developed the world’s first highly automated intelligent contract formal verification platform VaaS that supports multiple blockchain platforms such as ETH and EOS, with an accuracy rate of over 95%. Relevant research results have applied for multiple software invention patents. It is a member of the Key Laboratory of Blockchain Technology and Data Security Industry and Information Technology Department in 2019.

It has established strategic partnerships with more than 50 blockchain companies such as Huobi, OKEx and KuCoin, and the audit report has been recognized by major domestic and foreign exchanges. The company audited more than 500 smart contracts and independently discovered dozens of blockchain security vulnerabilities.

The company provides intelligent security services such as smart contract security auditing, wallet security hardening and auditing, DApp security hardening and auditing, exchange security testing, and enterprise-level security services.

YOYOW, an acronym of “You Own Your Own Words”,is a content value network based on blockchain technology. Its goal is to build a blockchain network that uses blockchain technology to quantify contribution in the content production area using a decentralized consensus method. YOYOW hopes that through the point incentive strategy, participants who create, disseminate, comment valuable content will be rewarded. YOYOW aims to enable the traffic dividends that used to be held by large social media companies to be distributed more fairly and reasonably to content producers, content supporters, website owners, content filterers, and ecology facilitators.

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YOYOW-A blockchain based content value network

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