Project Progress I YOYOW Progress Weekly (2019/7/1–2019/7/15)

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Thank you for your long-term concern and support for the YOYOW project. This article contains YOYOW’s project developments and development progress over the past two weeks. Welcome to read.

YOYOW Mainnet 2.0 was officially released

YOYOW Mainnet 2.0 has been successfully upgraded at 08:00 (GMT +8) on June 30, 2019. All new features have been successfully launched, and common users can use the latest features by updating the wallet.

The YOYOW Foundation team is communicating and cooperating with third-party teams in a timely manner, and will launch a one-click deployment of content-oriented management system plug-ins, enabling more content platforms to quickly deploy and access the Mainnet 2.0.

YOYOW becomes a Platinum Global Sponsor of Joomla!

The YOYOW Foundation has become a Platinum Global Sponsor of Joomla! The YOYOW Foundation will work with the Joomla! community and Open Source Matters, Inc. (the organization behind the Joomla! Project) to promote the development of websites and applications that use the YOYOW network both in the Joomla Community and the YOYOW community.

YOYOW POS block producer block reward rules adjustments

After the YOYOW Mainnet 2.0 was released, the block processing rewards of the POS block producers have been greatly improved. The following is the change of the POS block producer block reward rules:

1) POS block producers must deposit a collateral of at least 500,000 YOYO to qualify for POS block rewards.

2) The system will automatically calculate the revenue of each block to ensure that each POS block producer’s block processing rewards.

YOYOW was invited to participate in the [Great China Public Chain] Dialogue Salon Event

YOYOW was invited to participate in the [Great China Public Chain] Dialogue Salon Event hosted by the FIND platform . The founder of the platform, Lao Guo, gathered dozens of industry experts to talk with the founders of the Chinese public chain. Baicai, as the founder of the domestic old-fashioned public chain YOYOW, was invited to participate in the dialogue and shared the new features of YOYOW and the Mainnet 2.0 to many users.

YOYOW was invited to participate in the 2nd Global Graphene Blockchain Developers Conference

YOYOW was invited to participate in the 2019 2nd Global Graphene Blockchain Developer Conference hosted by the Graphene Blockchain Application Center. The conference was held on July 6–7, 2019 at the Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai on the Bund.

The conference mainly shared the latest breakthroughs in graphene blockchain technology. YOYOW Product Director Lv Wenzhe attended the conference on behalf of YOYOW, and shared the latest development of YOYOW Mainnet 2.0 and the innovation of YOYOW in the field of graphene bottom layer.

Yo-Yo Assistant Team updates block producer (Witness) management application

The Yo-Yo Assistant team launched the YOYOW witness assistant management application (referred to as the Yo-Yo Assistant Application) in January 2018. After several updates, the Yo-Yo Assistant Team launched a block producer (witness) management application that is perfectly adapted to Mainnet 2.0 and has more functions, a wider user range and more friendly interactions on the occasion of the release of YOYOW Mainnet 2.0.

The Yo-Yo Assistant is a tool for block producer investors and operation personnel to manage the YOYOW block producers (witness). The Yo-Yo Assistant team has been a YOYOW witness since 2017 and has been supporting the stable operation of the YOYOW Mainnet with practical actions.

(The current YOYOW official wallet has integrated the dapp.)

YOYOW block producer information query tool introduction

As a witness that joined the YOYOW community in 2017, in order to facilitate the block producers (witness) to simply and clearly view the operation of the node and to support the operation of the YOYOW Mainnet with practical actions, Huaqing developed a WeChat Mini-Program in February 2019: YOYOW Block Producer Information Query Tool.

This Mini-Program allows users to more easily and quickly understand YOYOW real-time unit price, point update status, the blocks produced per day, and the tokens produced per day, the node supporters and other related data. In addition, the Mini-Program will update the node status, unclaimed revenue, account updates, voting expiration time and other data in real time.

YOYOW js library

A call example is added to the new operation, and you can find the relevant code in the examples directory.

Fixed some bugs in the OP call exception

Wallet updates

The operation of removing key_auth is added to multi-signed account permission setting.

Fixed known bugs in previous versions

Middleware & Browser Updates

Update the calling document of the middleware and change the related interface description

Fixed some tiny bugs

Fixed some bugs such as private key permission display exceptions on account page

Community updates

In order to celebrate the upgrade of the Mainnet, YOYOW launched related activities, and the number of newly-added followers on WeChat public account increased by 17,000%, and Weibo receives 523 new followers.

YOYOW officially cooperates with AEX to launch YOYO exclusive and AEX wealth management products. The annualized interest rate is expected to be as high as 15%, and the total product is 9000000 YOYO. It has been welcomed by many users. A total of 8 issues have been released. Thank you for your support.

HelloPool mining pool released YOYOW Mining, and the expected annualized rate can reach 12–14%, welcome users to contact HelloPool official customer service to participate.

According to the YOYOW blockchain browser, the current block is: 19648870, the number of transactions: 192,894, the number of accounts: 42876, the current supply of YOYO: 1,171,127,831, the total supply: 2 billion, the circulation: 300 million

After the YOYOW Mainnet 2.0 was released, the official dismissed all the block producers. The competition between the block producers officially started. The pledge threshold in POS mode is 500,000 YOYO. In DPOS mode, the number of votes is ranked. Currently, the team ranked first is the SlowMist team.

On July 12, 2019, the YOYOW Foundation completed the fifth batch of repurchase of the “YOYOW Foundation Open Market Repurchase Program”. The repurchase amount was 3 million YOYO tokens, and a total of 11 million YOYO tokens were repurchased. The YOYO tokens repurchased from the secondary market were transferred to the public address: The follow-up repurchase plan of the YOYO tokens will continue. The market will purchase at least 20 million, up to 50 million YOYO tokens within 3 months according to market conditions.


YOYOW,an acronym of “You Own Your Own Words”,is a content value network based on blockchain technology. Its goalis to build a blockchain network that uses blockchain technology to quantifycontribution in the content production area using a decentralized consensusmethod. YOYOW aims to enable the traffic dividends that used to be held bylarge social media companies to be distributed more fairly and reasonably tocontent producers, content supporters, website owners, content filterers, andecology facilitators.

YOYOW Official Information

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YOYOW-A blockchain based content value network

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