Project Progress I YOYOW Weekly Progress Report (2019/12/01–2019/12/10)

Dec 11, 2019 · 4 min read

Thank you for your long-term attention and support for the YOYOW project. This article contains the development progress of YOYOW in the past two weeks. Welcome to read.

Project Progresses

Preview of YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 New Features
The YOYOW Foundation team plans to launch the YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 in the next few months. At present, the development team has completed the development of most of the features.
1. The YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 changes the rules for generating points, and the points can only be obtained after the token is locked.
2. Adds token circulation feature
3. Adds native support for block producer Staking feature
4. Adds user registrars, referrers, and introduce a more detailed content incentive system

Code of YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 Passed Security Audit by Beosin
The YOYOW Mainnet is about to upgrade to the 2.1 version. The development of the code of Mainnet 2.1 has basically been completed. The YOYOW Foundation has decided to release the YOYOW mainnet 2.1 code audit report. The YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 code is audited by Beosin, a well-known expert in the field of security. The Beosin team used static analysis, dynamic analysis, typical case testing, and manual review to conduct a multi-dimensional comprehensive security audit on the YOYOW public chain for its code standardization, security, and business logic. After the audit, no major security breach was found. The YOYOW public chain passed all detection items, and the audit result showed “passed (excellent)”.

YOYOW was Shortlisted for the 2019 Jinse Finance’s Most Technologically Innovative Public Chains
The 2019 annual list event with the theme of “Innovate with the Times” was held by Jinse Finance together with Standard&Consensus, Beosin, BTC38, DAPPX, and DappReview. YOYOW was successfully shortlisted for the most technologically innovative public chains in 2019. It is currently ranked 3rd and got 10,000 votes. Many thanks to the support and effort of the community. Please continue to vote for YOYOW. The voting deadline is on December 15.

Development Progress

Underlying Feature Development
Fine-tuned some business logic, added / adjusted data interfaces, and improved usability
Fixed the bug of a small probability of crash after rewarding in previous periods
Deployed a testnet based on YOYOW Mainnet 2.1 and had a testing

Browser Updates
Added account history article query interface and history rating query interface
Fixed the logic of some data display on the browser

Realize the feature of viewing account article history and rating history in api/v2
Improved node stability, fixed occasional disconnection with yoyow_node
Added a more secure and universal AES encrypted communication method, giving users more convenient choices for access

YOYOW Discourse Plugin
Completed the available version of Discourse; users can use the discourse-yoyow plugin to directly give the forum the ability to access the blockchain
Improved YOYOW login; users can log in with one click using PC web wallet
Supported article on-chain operation
Supported article rating operation on the chain; at the same time users can customize the point consumption for rating
Added Discourse emoji comment function; users can use multiple emojis to express attitude towards content

Added more than ten background settings to give the forum the ability to adjust parameters flexibly
Added binding / unbinding function; changing the binding does not affect user use and settings

Community Updates
According to the YOYOW blockchain browser, the current latest block: 23538338, the number of transactions: 339,875, the number of accounts: 48,487, the current supply of YOYO: 1,015,271,175, the number of collaterals on the whole network: 113,135,427, the number of votes on the whole network: 470,333,856
YOYOW’s overseas twitter account received 12 million display rates in November, 800 personal profile views and 30 new followers

Biask Updates

We have completed the design of the Biask 3.0 product and started the development of the new version.
Biask’s original Q&A sections have been adjusted to articles (recommended topics and article display) and findings (votes, lists, topics, guru, Q&A)
New articles, newsletters and Q&A on the homepage category
Added red envelope rain, flop points, and daily YOYO collection activities
Added project party’s publishing newsletter function
Integrated wallet function
Other functions and page adjustments

Biask Representative Program — Biask representatives published a total of 124 high-quality articles to major content platforms this month. The Representative Program is conducive to the creation of the personal IP of the users, and at the same time allows Biask to play greater influence in the circle.


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