Project Progress | YOYOW Progress Weekly (2020/10/01–2020/10/31)

Thank you for your long-term attention and support for the YOYOW project. This article contains the development progress of YOYOW in the past four weeks. Welcome to read.

Project Progress

YOYOW Foundation Completes Part of the Development of YOYOW.Swap Smart Contract

The YOYOW Foundation has completed part of the smart contract code of its first DeFi project YOYOW.Swap. The YOYOW.Swap project has been completely open source, and its address on Github is: Swap.

The foundation is intensively developing part of the front-end code of YOYOW.Swap. After the development is completed, YOYOW.Swap will be deployed on the YOYOW 3.0 testnet and will be fully open source.

YOYOW Foundation Releases the Source Code of YOYOW 3.0 Alpha Version

Following the deployment of the previous YOYOW 3.0 Alpha version testnet and after a month of testing, the YOYOW 3.0 Alpha version testnet is running stably. The YOYOW Foundation has release the source code of YOYOW 3.0 Alpha version on Github and the Github address is:

In addition, the YOYOW Foundation is also studying the application of NFT (non-fungible Token) in the YOYOW ecosystem, and relevant details will be announced in the near future.

Development Progress

Underlying Updates

  • Opened source the code of YOYOW 3.0 testnet
  • Simultaneous release of 3.0 testnet supporting library
  • Completed the addition of yoyow-core dependencies, and automatically synchronize the code to the corresponding directory when updating the submodule
  • Completed the testnet construction, upload the testnet founding file genesis-testnet3.0.json
  • Fixed the initialization problem of uint128_t found in the testing

Smart Contracts

  • Preliminary completion of NFT-related contract code for debugging

YOYOW Browser

  • Adapted to YOYOW 3.0 related features, investigated the presentation and execution of adapted smart contracts

Community Updates

  • According to the YOYOW blockchain browser, the latest block: 33326327, the number of transactions: 786,665, the number of accounts: 51,304, the current supply of YOYO: 1,034,611,501, the number of collaterals on the whole network: 87,362,307, the number of votes on the whole network: 434,317,218
  • Block producers: The total number of nodes in this round is 21, the participation rate is 100%, the total number of nodes is 186, the total number of nodes is 87,362,307, and the annualized interest rate of PoS block producers is 12.46%
  • The content on chain of Biask in August: the number of active content on the YOYOW chain was 3998 posts, of which 2635 were newly launched content, which consumed a total of 7971036 points and a total reward of 468,743 YOYO
  • YOYOW’s overseas twitter account received 14.56 million exposure rates, 1468 profile visits, and 41 new followers in October.

YOYOW Official Information

Official Website:

Web Wallet:

Blockchain Browser:





YOYOW-A blockchain based content value network

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YOYOW-A blockchain based content value network

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