Project Progress | YOYOW Progress Weekly (2021/03/01–2021/03/31)

Thank you for your long-term attention and support for the YOYOW project. This article contains the development progress of YOYOW in the past four weeks. Welcome to read.

Project Progress

YOYOW Foundation Releases YOYOW Discourse Plugin v1.0

YOYOW Foundation launched the YOYOW Discourse plug-in which is released based on the MIT open source agreement. The YOYOW Discourse plug-in has been applied and deployed to and is currently running stably.

The YOYOW Foundation has completed the plug-in development plan, and will continue to develop and release a series of plug-ins and SDKs for the whole site construction program with the strength of its own and community developers.

Github address of YOYOW Discourse Plug-in:

Introduction to the Entry of the first YOYOW Developer Competition – YOYOW WeChat Mini Program Blockchain Browser

The YOYOW WeChat Mini Program Blockchain Browser is the third prize winner of the first YOYOW Developer Competition. It was independently developed by the YOYOW community team – Huaqing team. The YOYOW WeChat Mini Program Blockchain Browser provides users with instant blockchain information query services and solves the long-standing problems that users and block producers cannot quickly and easily access the status of block producers and the information of income rewards as well as the block information.

The YOYOW WeChat Mini Program Blockchain Browser is currently available on the WeChat Mini Program platform. Users can search for the “YOYOW browser” mini program in the WeChat search bar to run it.

Development Progress

YOYOW Wallet Updates


•Removed restrictions on account multi-platform authorization

•Fixed some UI issues

Underlying Updates

Bottom layer:

•In order to support inter-blockchain features, the HTLC inter-blockchain protocol was developed on yoyow’s wasm smart contract platform to complete the contract code.

•Reset the testnet, arrange and update related contracts, and complete some code optimizations

•Inter-blockchain contract feature testing and joint debugging

Community Updates

•According to the YOYOW blockchain browser, the latest block: 37913165, the number of transactions: 906,572, the number of accounts: 51,902, the current supply of YOYO: 1,043,059,070, the number of collaterals on the whole network: 68,041,621, and the number of votes on the whole network: 393,722,910

•Block producers: The total number of nodes in this round is 21, the participation rate is 100%, the total number of nodes is 151, the total collaterals of nodes is 68,041,621, and the annualized interest rate of PoS block producers is 14.18%

•The content on chain of Biask in March: 3683 new posts on YOYOW, a total of 6,735,382 points were consumed, and a total reward of 478084 YOYO

•YOYOW’s overseas twitter account received 15.61 million exposure rates, 1678 profile visits, and 35 new followers in March.

YOYOW Official Information

Official Website:

Web Wallet:

Blockchain Browser:


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