Explore the Exciting World of Maps on Twitter

Maps are awesome, aren’t they? They fill you with a sense of excitement and discovery. They tell incredible stories across locations and time and help us better understand our world.

We’ve selected 16 Twitter accounts that consistently tweet amazing maps.

Vox Maps — @VoxMaps

GIS and Geomatics — @CanadianGIS

Data Visualization — @coloremaps

NatGeo Maps — @NatGeoMaps

Ordnance Survey — @OrdnanceSurvey

Amazing Maps — @Amazing_Maps

Vivid Maps — @VividMaps

Google Maps — @googlemaps

Axis Maps — @axismaps

Beautiful Maps — @BeautifulMaps

Incredible Maps — @IncredibleMaps

Transit Maps — @transitmap

Fascinating Maps — @BestWorldMaps

Amazing Maps — @amazingmap

OnlMaps — @onlmaps

Brilliant Maps — @BrilliantMaps

We hate to brag, but our Twitter feed is full of awesome maps and data visualizations too! Follow Infogram on Twitter for the latest data visualization examples, news, tips, and trends.

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