Infogram Co-founder Makes Top 100 Female Founders List

The Hundert, a Berlin-based startup project, recently published a list of 100 successful female founders from 40 European countries — and our very own Alise Semjonova made the list.

Alise Semjonova, 28, is one of Infogram’s co-founders. Started in 2012, Infogram has since grown to a team of more than 30 people with offices around the globe. We couldn’t have done it without her!

The Hundert wants to highlight the fact that the startup scene is predominantly male, leaving female founders to stand in the shadows. In fact, the European Startup Monitor reports that only 15% of startups in Europe are founded by women. The Hundert hopes their latest issue will inspire more women to build their own companies.

The stories of the women featured on the list are very diverse, with varying backgrounds and talents. Alise (right) is one of three Latvian ladies who made the list. She is joined by Froont’s Anna Andersone (middle) and Inselly’s Ksenija Rostova (left).

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Here are a few highlights from Alise’s interview with the startup magazine:

What were you doing before Infogram?

Before Infogram, I was doing design projects in different fields — both in agencies and as a freelancer. When I founded a startup, I realized the best thing about working on it is that no managers, bosses or clients are involved when you bring your idea to life! It was just me.

How did Infogram get started?

The Infogram idea was born when two of the three founders were working for the biggest media company in the Baltics. Creation of data visualization was on their daily agenda, and at some point, we realized that this process should be automated.

What inspired you to found a startup?

Apart from truly believing in the democratization of data visualization, I got inspired by the startup community. It is built around sharing knowledge and helping each other to become successful. I was a bit afraid to quit everything, and I had to jump into the unknown, but every victory that Infogram won — including prizes in conferences and trust from the first customers — encouraged me to continue on.

How do you relax?

By getting away from screens of all sizes and being offline.

Download The Hundert Vol. 8 — Female Startup Founders Europe to read the full list of the top 100 female founders. This list could be valuable to women hoping to gain startup experience, so share with your friends!