Infogram Update: Fun Map Options, Fresh Look and New Semi-Circle Chart

Our team has been working hard this month designing new map labels, redesigning the look and feel of our homepage, and creating brand new charts. Here are Infogram’s major updates for the month of July:

1) Map Labels + Icons

Region + Country Names — You now have the option of adding region or country names to the maps you create. Simply double-click on the map to open your editing options and click the ‘Region names’ button along the top bar — like the map of France below.

Map Icons — Infogram offers over 200,000+ amazing icons, and now you can add them to your maps! Double click on the map you want to edit and select the ‘Markers’ button along the top bar. The size of the icons corresponds to the numerical value of the region or country. Select the icon you want and change the colors accordingly.

2) New Semi-Circle Chart

New charts are very exciting here at Infogram. We’d like to introduce you to our brand new semi-circle pie chart. This type of chart represents parts of a whole in the shape of a semi-circle, divided into sections. This chart is excellent if you want to save space and add style to your next blog post, email campaign or report.

3) Infogram Redesigns

New Homepage Design — Our homepage has gone under a slick redesign, giving it a more real-world feel. Check it out!

Theme Names — Infogram offers a large selection of beautiful theme templates to help you get started quickly. You will find each theme labeled with its individual theme name. Now it will be even easier to remember which themes you love to work with.

Can’t wait to create a map with region labels or icons? Maybe you are excited to experiment with our new semi-circle pie chart. Sign up or log in to Infogram and start designing today.