Andreea Waters

Barbados…how do I love thee?

Great perspective of your surfing trip to Barbados. As someone who has been there MANY times (first time was in 1979 on the West Coast, then hunkered down every winter pretty much in the South Coast, where what use to be Silver Sands and Silver Rock), I have always known it is a special place.

Maybe because the island is a “Rock” out in the middle of the Atlantic and Caribbean; maybe it’s that 300+ years of British influence, with no real bloodbaths like all the other West Indies islands; maybe it’s the gorgeous variety of landscapes; but maybe it’s the Bajans themselves- they are some of the nicest, funniest, smartest folks I know. The combination is heady.

I went back last year after a 22 year hiatus-there were definitely things that had changed due to the tourism boom and then recession, but the island itself is still…very special. I hope you can go back and enjoy more of it. I love Barbados!

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