My Twitter Feed Is Full Of Politics
Brad Feld

Sure, lot’s of examples of history repeating itself, albeit maybe in different guises. But the bigger issue is how history is contrived. And I’m not talking about the winner writing history, I’m talking about there being as much debate over how things really happened, as there is debate over what will happen. A plague of the human condition. We need to “believe” certain things happened the way they did. We force fit them to our current reality.

All of history is created in one instance and revised the next because the broader context of many things leading up to that moment are forgotten or not analyzed well. The falsehoods around the“creation” of the internet and “net neutrality” are perfect examples that hit closer to home. Simply put the “internet” succeeded as a price/cost arbitrage of an inefficient voice world. But the internet community hasn’t heeded the lessons that could be learned from the history of that voice world wrt network effects, incentives, and generative and sustainable digital ecosystems.

We are in fact repeating 1913 and 1934 all over again instead of evolving.

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