This was inspiring.
Charlotte Dab

Thanks for reading, and I’m glad it resonated with you. I found that mental block from counting to then not to be extremely hard. It was probably the biggest hurdle I always had when trying to get better. Counting is comfortable. You are “in control.” But, not really in some cases. I initially started my therapy still using MyFitnessPal, and after initially resisting, stopped using it and started to eat “on my own.” It took time, and I for a while would sometimes look at my wife’s plate, and eat a little more to gauge “normal” size. But from there I’ve tried to just listen to when I’m hungry. I still tend to eat pretty healthy throughout the week, but I enjoy my beer, ice cream etc on Friday/Saturday nights. I’m not perfect, but I’ve never been better. I hope you can find a place where you are as well!