Final Countdown — Our Initial Coin Offering ends on 30 April!

Slowly we are approaching the end and we have shot another video to inform you about the current status of our ICO Infused Waters. We also give you an outlook on the way. At this point we would also like to point out that you can still earn a lot of our IWCX Coins. Currently we are looking for Business Advisor, Web Designer and Graphic Designer.

If you are interested in working for us, please contact us by mail. Addresses can be found on our website.

But the most important point of our “Final Countdown” summary is, that from now on we offer you the possibility to join us without buying coins. How? Quite simply, just send us an inquiry by mail with your wish, we are open for everything.

In addition, we are planning an Initial Exchange Offering immediately after the product launch, i.e. we will sell our remaining coins via a “Direct Placement” on a crypto exchange.

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Welcome to our ICO! Here you find some information and news!

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